Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One step closer

EJ is officially done at GiantMart*. To celebrate, he slept all day. He has just a day over three weeks to go. That's all the time he has to get back onto a normal sleeping schedule. Good luck and pray for him to sleep at night instead of during the day.

*Name has been changed to protect...well, not to protect so much as to avoid using the name.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

EJ practices for his mission

So all of you know that EJ is going to leave us and preach the gospel in Tijuana. He's pretty excited.

I can't fathom it because I have NEVER wanted to serve a mission. Talking to people I don't know is difficult enough to do without having the added burden of sharing a religious message. I tend to laugh too much, talk to fast and too high, and agree to whatever the stranger is saying just so I can get out of the conversation faster.

EJ doesn't seem to see it that way. In fact, yesterday he went TRACTING with the missionaries in our ward to practice his door approach.

We didn't hear much about it afterward until one of the elders told Jim this:

He said, "Did Jimmy tell you about tracting yesterday? It was so cool. He gave the message and then asked if the lady wanted to hear more about it. The lady goes 'sure!' It was funny because then Jimmy didn't know what to do next so I had to take over."

EJ had been anticipating failure--he had only prepared his door approach.

He's gung-ho, that's for sure.

Friday, January 13, 2012

T minus 26 days

Elder Evans leaves for the MTC in 26 days. All the shirts/pants/suits/socks are purchased, and the preparation continues. Shots next week.

Open house on the 21st.