Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30 2013

Dear Everyone.

Its great to hear that paul is doing great in the ccm de peru! Btw his friend Elder C------- is in my zone. Just thought id let you guys know. I heard about paul funny little run in with the pres of the ccm. Makes me remember when i was in the mtc. The pres there never came around checking our rooms, other people did, but never the pres.

So this past week was really fun and full of cake. The Familia P------- (family that we have been teaching) invited us the there house to eat dinner. We had been planning it for a little while but now we final did it. They make the food called Ceviche (wet salid made with fish). I really like it, and its pretty populer here cause we are so close to the ocean. I made a cake because they hear i like to make deserts and they wanted a cake. All 4 of us elders were there. Two of the kids in this family are going to get baptised on the 3rd. Only one of them was there that day because the other went to EFY this past week. It was a really great experience for him because he came back a little more excited for his baptism and he made quiet a bit of friends he says. 

Later the next day, Elder G------ turned 22yrs old. And because he doesnt like chocolate much he didnt eat from the cake we made the day before and i made him a vanilla cake. Me and my companion supplied the cake and the soda and they supplied the pizza. We celabrated at night when we all got home from working. There was a tun of food and everyone filled themselves up. It was all pretty fun.  And now this next week is my birthday.... im not sure if im going to make a cake or leave it to them to make one.... or who knows im kind of tired of cake. But oh well thats still a ways away and im really more excited about the baptism on the 3rd then my bday. 

The other pic i sent is of us in our zone preparing for a carne asada. For the activity we all went to the House of Prayer to do a carne asada. The house they use is huge! It even has a tennis court outside. 

Ok well thats enough for now.
Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Evans


Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22 2013

Hey Everyone,

This week has been pretty fun. To start the week the zone went to La Bufadora! It was pretty cool. I dont exactly know the science behind the bufadora and what makes the water shoot up but it is still super cool non the less. It is also super touristy and so there were a few people there speaking english and there were a ton of people selling things. I have learned its really fun to bargin, once you enter their little store they start trying to sell you something and if you think the price of something is a little high and start to leave they start trying to lower it and get you reinterested. 

Teaching wise... We have been going with the Fam P_____ about every other day. The Kids will be getting baptised 3 de Agosto. We are waiting an extra week because one of the kids is going to EFY. It will be a great experience for him. Every time we go visit them we have broughten different members so they can get to know the people in the ward. Yesterday we brought them to another families house for a Noche de Hogar. It was really fun. I gave the lession based of the talk given in the last general conference "Firm Foundation" or something like that. 

We have also been working with the brother of G_______ (recent convert of ours). His name is A____. He has been having problems with smoking and other things that are going on in his life and he wants to change. He accpted to get baptised, but we dont have a date set, we had one but he didnt go to church this week and he needs to first go to church and stop smoking before he can get baptised.

One day in the week we were eating with member and someone knocked on their door, i heard the voice and it was someone who sounded like they were just learning spanish in school.  We later ran into them when we left the lunch appointment and it turns out that it was a group on some sort of activity for thier church and they are visiting from Saskatchewan, Canada. They all spoke english and only one could speak spanish because she was studying it in college. We talked for a little while and then went our seperate ways. 

Well got to go. I sent a lot of fotos from the Bufa.
Elder Evans
The Waterspout, aka La Bufadora

EJ and his third companion, Elder A, both are now serving in Ensenada

EJ's district out on a fun pday activity

A variation on thumbs up that I like to call thumbs out.

EJ and a companion he had in Mexicali, both are now in Ensenada. Notice that EJ is doing thumbs up behind the seat. All you can see is his upright thumb.

a chess set  made Aztec-style

Some little bobbly head things

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15 2013

To everybody.
Wow! Thats so crazy that Paul is almost gone! I know i say this about ever email but what ever. Btw Happy Birthday Paul! Your birthday will be your year mark on the mision. Mine is my half year and 1and half year mark. 
Well just so you all know... Im going to the Bufadora today in just a little bit so.... my letter is probably not going to be all that long. But summery of what happened this week.
Fist off, we are working with two kids 15 and 11 yrs old. Their family is menos activo but are really excited in becoming more active and they are all working together in helping L---- (15) and D------ (11) get baptized. The date is set for this saturday. I hope everything goes as planned. It will be really cool be cause L----- is planning on going to EFY the monday after getting bptized.

I saw the inside of a guys foot. It was cut in half and i got to see the family wrap and unwrap it. I saw the bone and muscle. Elder G----- helped with the process. I am going to help the next time we go.
I will write more latter. 
Love you all 
Elder Evans


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9 2013

Hey all!
Wow only a few more days and paul will be writing to you guys just like me. I think that would be cool to spend a little bit of time in both mtc's. I really enjoyed my time in mtc provo.  Btw i talked to a fellow misionary from peru. He tells me that it gets pretty cold where paul will be going, he will be eathing rice with almost all of his meals (no tacos, no beans, no mexican food,, just 100% rice and chicken), oh and he also says the spiders there can get pretty big. He also says the beaches there are super cool... but you cant go cause your a misionary haha but dont worry im not allowed to go to the beaches here either :(

So this week was really fun and flew by fast because it was filled with a bunch of zone activities. On Wednesday we had a concert at the stake center. The concert was put together by one of the wards and was done with the intention of inviting nonmembers. There were about 10 songs sung. Us misioneros sang "Alli donde hay amor" i sent the video of it. i hope you can understand it and guess what song it is in english. The guy who recorded it on my camera didnt do the best job of recording it but oh well. 

We also had a zone service project on saterday. The project was to clear out and clean the space infront of some members house. It was pretty dirty there. I was blessed with the chore of cutting things down with the machete. I cut grass, trees, bushes and a whole bunch of other stuff. The machete i used had a broken/crappy handle and so i handed with a bunch of blisters but its all good.

Oh yah i forgot to mention, today is transfer day.... no changes. Same companion, same area, same companionship that share the house with us. 

So teaching wise... nothing has really changed. We are looking for people to teach, people that will progress. Sunday we actually met a family that is menos activa and found out that they have a daughter that hasnt been baptized yet. We will be working with them to help them re-activate and also help the daughter get ready for baptism.

Well hope you liked the fotos,
Love you all
ELder Evans
If anyone can give me a better translation than Babelfish for the phrase above, I would appreciate it. Jim didn't quite know what to make of it either. Babelfish translated it as "keep it is easy to clean"

The singers from the video (EJ is on the far left)

Machete and shovel

Using the machete
 Also, here is a link to the video he mentioned. And beware that it does get jumpy and weird sounding at the end. But still--EJ was singing on stage! It sounded about like I expected it to, but I couldn't help but be proud of EJ.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1 2013

Dear Family and Everyone

This is the last week of transfers. It has gone by really fast, i feel like i just got here. Its crazy to think that in this up coming transfer Paul will turn 19, go on his mision, i will turn 21 and finish 3/4 of my mision. And the way things are going this coming transfer will go by faster then this one. They just keep getting faster and faster. My guess is that i will be staying here in Lomitas Ensanada and i am fine with that. My companion is probably going.

You say its super hot in mexicali... i actually wouldnt mind going back and seeing how bad it really is. Its pretty hot hear too, or maybe its just the humididy and the constant climbing hills. 

So this week we have been working really hard and finding new people to teach and setting baptismal date for them. Everyone in my district baptised this month which is great but now we are all without people who have set baptismal dates. So that is what we have been focused on for this week. We are teaching a family that could get baptised and actually have desires to get baptised but they are not married and the husband still has to fix some things with is devorcement papers from his last marrige... If they work hard in getting that stuff fixed they should be able to get baptized this month.

In other news i finally took pics of the house so you guys can see what it looks like. I just so happened to take pics when it was super dirty though. Its not usually that dirty. The othe pic is of that family that i just mentioned in the paragraph above and some extended family of theirs and out ward mision leader. If this was facebook i would just tag them all so you could know who is who but because this isnt facebook i will just have to leave you guessing. We took this pic right after a family home evening we had with them. It was their first FHM ever! It was pretty fun. 

Well i hope you all have a great day 
love you all
ELder Evans
A hammock!

The dumbbell is just itching to be tripped over.

kitchen/study/ironing board

the "facilities"

happy group picture! Even the ward mission leader does thumbs up!