Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1 2013

Dear Family and Everyone

This is the last week of transfers. It has gone by really fast, i feel like i just got here. Its crazy to think that in this up coming transfer Paul will turn 19, go on his mision, i will turn 21 and finish 3/4 of my mision. And the way things are going this coming transfer will go by faster then this one. They just keep getting faster and faster. My guess is that i will be staying here in Lomitas Ensanada and i am fine with that. My companion is probably going.

You say its super hot in mexicali... i actually wouldnt mind going back and seeing how bad it really is. Its pretty hot hear too, or maybe its just the humididy and the constant climbing hills. 

So this week we have been working really hard and finding new people to teach and setting baptismal date for them. Everyone in my district baptised this month which is great but now we are all without people who have set baptismal dates. So that is what we have been focused on for this week. We are teaching a family that could get baptised and actually have desires to get baptised but they are not married and the husband still has to fix some things with is devorcement papers from his last marrige... If they work hard in getting that stuff fixed they should be able to get baptized this month.

In other news i finally took pics of the house so you guys can see what it looks like. I just so happened to take pics when it was super dirty though. Its not usually that dirty. The othe pic is of that family that i just mentioned in the paragraph above and some extended family of theirs and out ward mision leader. If this was facebook i would just tag them all so you could know who is who but because this isnt facebook i will just have to leave you guessing. We took this pic right after a family home evening we had with them. It was their first FHM ever! It was pretty fun. 

Well i hope you all have a great day 
love you all
ELder Evans
A hammock!

The dumbbell is just itching to be tripped over.

kitchen/study/ironing board

the "facilities"

happy group picture! Even the ward mission leader does thumbs up!

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