Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug 26 2013

Buenas Tardes a todos,

So my first week here in this area has been pretty good. Its weird being back in TJ but thats all right. My ear infection has gone down a lot and i feel a lot better. Me and my companion are getting along really well, hes from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Maybe Riley knows him haha. 

Its been a pretty great week. We have meet a lot of new people to teach. We are still working really hard to get referals, and we have recieved a few, but the majority of the people that we are teaching are people that we meet outside and start talking to them. We actaully had a couple come talk to use and tell us they want to listen to what we teach because the want to change their ways. Its kind of a sad situation becuase we first meet them, the day before they had been assulted and were beat up pretty badly. Its a couple both around the age of 25 and they have a little daughter that spends most of the time with the grandma because their living conditions arnt that great. The boyfriend (because theyre not yet married, but have been together for 6yrs) has a problem with drinking and becuase of some minor things he did under the influence of the alcohol he just about ruined his relationship and trust with his girlfriends side of the family. They both really want to change. We share with them how they can be forgiven and how they can change because of the atonement of Christ. They really felt the spirit and are really working hard on changing. They have put the goal of being baptised Sept 26, that means inbetween now and then they have to stop drinking and get married and the new rule here in mexico is that they all investigadores have to go to church 5 times before getting baptized. I really hope everything works out for this 26th. 

More news, we just had stake conference and i got to see and whole bunch of the people from Industrial ward and they all recongnized me. It was great being able to see them again.
Well i really dont have much to write but i will send pics of where i live the next week. What i am sending now is just a few from Ensenada.
Love you all
Elder Evans


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aug 19 2013

Helo everybody,

So today is transfer day and i got transfered. I am no longer in ensenada but back in tijuana. My ward is called Buenas Aires, and my companion is Elder Cruz from Oaxaca. I dont really now him well, i met him for the first time today. I really dont know my nex secter either, i have been in this stake (otay) but first time in this secter. So far things are going well. I did really enjoy my time in Ensenada though. The secter was full of hills but it was cool being in ensenada. Its been about 6 months sense i have been in tijuana. 

So this week has been really busy and im actually super tired right now. We have had a lot of lessons this week and were greatly blessed with a baptism. I would send pics but my memory has a virus and i cant open it on this comp. i am going to get it removed soon. 
But the baptism was great. The kid who got baptised is named Maurisio and hes only 9 years old but his family was inactive for 9 years so he never got baptised. The family is really cool, this took us out to eat in celabration of the baptism, we eat tacos. Its great seeing the family return to church and being able to get through all the problems the were facing. 

Then this sunday i woke up with an ear infection, and still got it. Im using drops, i really hope it clears up soon. And then in church they announced that one of the 14yr old boys died in the morning. He had gotten sick a few weeks ago and also had diabities. We went to his open casket thing yesterday and it was sad, but i didnt really know the boy very well. They asked us to come to support the family and to be posts by the coffin because the kid had desires to go on the mision when he grew up. Because we went their we delayed all of our appointments that day and ended up getting home a bit late. They spent the night packing.  
Well thats all im going to write because im tired.
Love, elder evans

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug 13 2013

hey everyone, im writing today because yesterday was actually pretty busy.

So this week has been pretty crazy. What happened is that early in the week the presidente of the mision took away a misionaro from our ward and he is now working in the offices. So now instead of 4 misioneros there are only 3 and instead of being a 2 sector ward its one big one, so we lots of poeple to teach and they are all spreed out and there is just not enough time to visit them all. It has been pretty hard. 
We started the week pretty great and relaxed, we had a family home evening / bday party for the mom of the Padilla family. Lots of people went, we have been working really hard on helping them make friends in the ward.
Throughout the middle of the week we have just been going appointment to appointment and get home super tired and feeling good for the work that we had been able to accomplish but also overwhelmed with all the people we want to visit but cant because there wasnt enough time.
Oh and yesterday the whole zone got together for a zona activity and we all played soccer and at the end they surprised me with a cake for my birthday. It was pretty great!
This week we are expecting to be just as busy as the last one because we are still only 3 misioneros covering the same big sector. But we are also excited because at the end of the week we are going to have another baptism. And with that we will be ending this transfer. New one starts monday.
Well love you all
Elder Evans
Balloons and EJ

EJ looking pensive, while the companion makes sure there is a thumbs up in the picture

As much as I think mice are cute (yes, I do), baby mice are kind of ugly. I'm glad EJ is wearing gloves.

EJ's 21st birthday cake


These two must be good friends as well as former companions. Elder A has been in several of EJ's recent pics.

EJ and GIRLS (well, missionary hermanas)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 5 2013

Hey everyone, 

I want to thank you all, mom, dad, katie, and everyone else who has wishes me a happy birthday. I think that would be really fun getting a job with other mexicans. i would actaully really like that. i dont know how much time i have though between mission and college. i think byui wants me to return as soon as posible. so my guess is that i will have 2 months. 

So time is winding down for this transfer. We have just ended week 4 of 6. the transfer ends in 2 weeks. But good news! WE BAPTISED this saturday! That family that i have been talking a little bit about in the past letters. They reactivated and two of the kids got baptised, and theyre dad got to be the one to do it. He didnt know how to baptise anyone so we taught him. And in the end it went perfectly. Today for our pday we are actually going with this family to celabrate. They asked me if i would help make a cake for the mom whos birthday it will be tomorrow. Its going to be a surprise for her. So its posible that i might not make a cake for my birthday but thats all good because i will be eating cake today.

Now the only thing bad about them getting baptized this week is that it leaves us without people with baptism dates and now we have to really go hard looking for new people. But thats alright. We have a few prospects. 

So other cool this that happened this week is that we had an activity at the church and was a great succese. First off i will explain... Every last wednesday of the month we have a ward mision activity / noche de barrio. The ward had recently decided that we will be incharge of the activity every week. They used to switch off between organizaciones. Well the usual attence is like 40 people. We managed to fill the sacrament meeting room (140 personas). And it was a mix of members, investigators, and friends of members. It was pretty great. What we did is had a mormon cine. We supplied popcorn and drinks and they watched the movie. the movie was The Blind Side, everyone seemed to like it. It was great for us too because there was a few referals and our investagaters got to meet the members.

Well i got to go but i hope everyone has a great week 

Elder Evans