Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 5 2013

Hey everyone, 

I want to thank you all, mom, dad, katie, and everyone else who has wishes me a happy birthday. I think that would be really fun getting a job with other mexicans. i would actaully really like that. i dont know how much time i have though between mission and college. i think byui wants me to return as soon as posible. so my guess is that i will have 2 months. 

So time is winding down for this transfer. We have just ended week 4 of 6. the transfer ends in 2 weeks. But good news! WE BAPTISED this saturday! That family that i have been talking a little bit about in the past letters. They reactivated and two of the kids got baptised, and theyre dad got to be the one to do it. He didnt know how to baptise anyone so we taught him. And in the end it went perfectly. Today for our pday we are actually going with this family to celabrate. They asked me if i would help make a cake for the mom whos birthday it will be tomorrow. Its going to be a surprise for her. So its posible that i might not make a cake for my birthday but thats all good because i will be eating cake today.

Now the only thing bad about them getting baptized this week is that it leaves us without people with baptism dates and now we have to really go hard looking for new people. But thats alright. We have a few prospects. 

So other cool this that happened this week is that we had an activity at the church and was a great succese. First off i will explain... Every last wednesday of the month we have a ward mision activity / noche de barrio. The ward had recently decided that we will be incharge of the activity every week. They used to switch off between organizaciones. Well the usual attence is like 40 people. We managed to fill the sacrament meeting room (140 personas). And it was a mix of members, investigators, and friends of members. It was pretty great. What we did is had a mormon cine. We supplied popcorn and drinks and they watched the movie. the movie was The Blind Side, everyone seemed to like it. It was great for us too because there was a few referals and our investagaters got to meet the members.

Well i got to go but i hope everyone has a great week 

Elder Evans

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