Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug 13 2013

hey everyone, im writing today because yesterday was actually pretty busy.

So this week has been pretty crazy. What happened is that early in the week the presidente of the mision took away a misionaro from our ward and he is now working in the offices. So now instead of 4 misioneros there are only 3 and instead of being a 2 sector ward its one big one, so we lots of poeple to teach and they are all spreed out and there is just not enough time to visit them all. It has been pretty hard. 
We started the week pretty great and relaxed, we had a family home evening / bday party for the mom of the Padilla family. Lots of people went, we have been working really hard on helping them make friends in the ward.
Throughout the middle of the week we have just been going appointment to appointment and get home super tired and feeling good for the work that we had been able to accomplish but also overwhelmed with all the people we want to visit but cant because there wasnt enough time.
Oh and yesterday the whole zone got together for a zona activity and we all played soccer and at the end they surprised me with a cake for my birthday. It was pretty great!
This week we are expecting to be just as busy as the last one because we are still only 3 misioneros covering the same big sector. But we are also excited because at the end of the week we are going to have another baptism. And with that we will be ending this transfer. New one starts monday.
Well love you all
Elder Evans
Balloons and EJ

EJ looking pensive, while the companion makes sure there is a thumbs up in the picture

As much as I think mice are cute (yes, I do), baby mice are kind of ugly. I'm glad EJ is wearing gloves.

EJ's 21st birthday cake


These two must be good friends as well as former companions. Elder A has been in several of EJ's recent pics.

EJ and GIRLS (well, missionary hermanas)

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  1. How great to be so busy!! I'm thrilled he had a cake for his birthday, too. And girls. I was relieved that the thumbs up lives on for another post. Are we keeping track? Super proud of this kid!!