Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29 2013

With the renewing my visa last week i really didnt have to do anymore then go to tijuana and sign a few forms and fingerprints so it wasnt much. Some day soon i will probably have to return to tijuana just to pick up the card, but i dont know when.
haha that lizard that we found last week, we found crawing around the entrence of the house. After having it in the little container for a few hours i decided its best if i let if go becasue i had no idea how to feed it or keep it alive. Otherwise it would have been cool to keep.
Wow thats some crazy minnesota weather. But i gotta admite, i wouldnt mind a bit of it over here. Were as you guys say you cant imagine 100 every day... I can! haha its pretty hot. Everyone keeps telling me that its just beginning and that its still not that bad out. Its wierd being here and thinking that is still just spring weather. In my house we have one air conditioning machine. One of those ones you stick in the window. Its located in the bedroom and it does an alright job of keeping it cool in the bedroom, we basically have to keep it on all day. With out it there would be no way i could sleep in the heat. The most interesting part though of having the machine in the bedroom is that when you walk out of the bedroom its like being hit by a little wave of heat. The bedroom can get to a nice 60 degrees and the whole rest of the house in the 80s o 90s. Also a few days ago we started to feel a breeze outside and it literally felt like i was infront of an opened oven. Horrible icky hot breeze. I can only imagine when summer comes.
So this last week i had my first baptism here in mexicali. The work is a lot harder here then in tijuana because all the people who live here are people that have lived here for a ton of time  or were born here and dont like change where as in tijuana its completely different. People from all over the place who are constantely making changes. But alas! A baptism! We baptised a kid named ======== (12 anos). his grandparents are less active member and his parents and everyone else he lives with are really that great of examples. And so me and my companion have been working with the grandma and all of here grandchildren that live there. The kids are gradually getting involved with church activities and getting to know people. I really hope that they can stay involved in the church because its probably the one thing that could help them most in their young lives. While working with them i often think of all the blessing i have been given for having grown up in the church.
Elder Evans


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23 2013

Lo siento pero otra vez no hay mucho tiempo para escribir.
Yesterday i spent my whole day going to tijuana, filling forms, renewing my visa, then returning to mexicali.
The pics are of a lizerd we found in the house,
Elder Rendon's first time ever in dairy queen,
on the trip back tp tijuana we stoped at the rumorosa again and took pics. Us misioneros and our presidente de mision.
Well tengo que ir.
Love you all!
Elder Evans


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16 2013

Muy rapido.
Hello everybody, 
So yesterday was pretty busy because we had transfers. Elder Neeser was sent to Ensenada and i still hear in Chapultepec Mexicali. My New companion is Elder Rendon and he is from Hidalgo Mexico. The fotos is sent were of my zone here in mexicali before the changes. 
The other is of me getting attacked by a pitbull. the pitbulls name is hercules and he like to play around and sort of attack us, hes actually really friendly and rarely ever bites, and when he does it doesnt hurt. hes the dog of our wards 1st Counsalor whom also happens to be our ward mission leader. Elder Neeser and i wanted to get pictures of use being attacked by a a pitbull, so we did.
And the other ones are of use shotting at a archery range here in my sector. There is a family in my ward that likes going to what is called Ciudad Deportiva or Sport City, where there is a ton of things to do like go swimming, play tennis, soccer, football, baseball and other sports. The hermana in the family invited us to shoot arrows because she is taking classes and has the equipment to do it. So the day of the transfers we went at like 6 in the morning to shoot. It was really fun, only the hermana shoots left handed so she only had a left hand bow. But it was fun all the less. 
Sorry its such a short email but i got to go, bye
Elder Evans

getting "attacked" by a pit bull


Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8 2013

Dear Everyone,

This week went by really fast, i think it is because of conferences. The conferences were really good i really liked them. I was there for every session but i cant say i got to hear everything. On saturday, we brought a family to one of the sessions and the kids in the family just kept on talking so my companion and i went with them to a different room were they could watch conference without disturbing all the other people there jaja. So while we were with them it was really hard to pay attention and then the second session the satalite was a little bad and so the sound cut out a few times. But sunday went a lot better. No disturbances and no problems with the satalite. My favorite talks were definitely the two by Pres Monson and Elder Holland! Elder Holland really has a wey of speaking when he is up there and then his talk was just amazing. I liked when he mention the boy who told him he doesnt know if the church is true yet but he does believe its true, and how he just embraced him and told him how important it is to believe.
And then with the talk from Pres Monson about obidience was great too. His stories about when he lit the field on fire and how that man saved up tithing not even knowing if he would have a chance to pay it were really inspiring.

Love you all!
Elder Evans

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1 2013

What Easter was yesterday? I thought it was the first sunday of april?
Oh btw hi everyone!
But no seriously, i didnt know easter was yesterday. Its not that celebrated here. Instead what the celebrate is semana santa, basically the week of the crucifixion and resurrection. The most celebrating i saw here though is people taking time off of work, everyone eating fish, and everyone make the famous Capirotada bread, haha i wouldnt say its the best tasteing bread. 
And if i remember correctly, one of the talks in church was on tithing... :) but for the 3rd hour we did watch a video about Jesus Christ.
Its crazy to think how much time has gone by. I almos have exactly a yr here in mexico.
Thats really cool you got to meet Brandon Mull, yeah i remember his books.
So this week was pretty good. One thing i have noticed here is that with my new tan i have developed here, more people are assuming that i am the mexican companion in the companionship. Everyone asks where my companion is from and he says idaho and then they ask me and i tell them minnesota and they all tell me they thought i was mexican. There are some times i tell them im from Sinaloa MX and they believe it.
Now last week i mentioned that i made 3 leches cake but didnt quiet finish it and that i was  going to tell you how it turned out.... bad. i think we screwed up on the ingreadients or how to make it. And i dont know if it matters but we used regular flour instead of cake flour and in the end the cake wasnt supper sponge like and didnt suck up the milk.
Also news about the work here in Mexicali, we are slowly finding more people to teach. This past week we were able to bring two young men to church (aberham and isaac). Their grandparents are unactive members that we are reactivating and their parents arnt really around a lot from what i have seen. They like being there in the lessions with their grandparents and i think they liked it there at the church. We are going to talk to the family this week about baptism. We are also going to see if we can get a nice big game of futbol going this jueves and have them and the other youth in the ward come and invite all their friends! I hope it all works out.
[the picture] i sent is of my comp and i tired on the side of the road, it was pretty hot out haha.

Love you all, and love hearing all that is going on at home!
Elder Evans
tired on the side of the road