Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16 2013

Muy rapido.
Hello everybody, 
So yesterday was pretty busy because we had transfers. Elder Neeser was sent to Ensenada and i still hear in Chapultepec Mexicali. My New companion is Elder Rendon and he is from Hidalgo Mexico. The fotos is sent were of my zone here in mexicali before the changes. 
The other is of me getting attacked by a pitbull. the pitbulls name is hercules and he like to play around and sort of attack us, hes actually really friendly and rarely ever bites, and when he does it doesnt hurt. hes the dog of our wards 1st Counsalor whom also happens to be our ward mission leader. Elder Neeser and i wanted to get pictures of use being attacked by a a pitbull, so we did.
And the other ones are of use shotting at a archery range here in my sector. There is a family in my ward that likes going to what is called Ciudad Deportiva or Sport City, where there is a ton of things to do like go swimming, play tennis, soccer, football, baseball and other sports. The hermana in the family invited us to shoot arrows because she is taking classes and has the equipment to do it. So the day of the transfers we went at like 6 in the morning to shoot. It was really fun, only the hermana shoots left handed so she only had a left hand bow. But it was fun all the less. 
Sorry its such a short email but i got to go, bye
Elder Evans

getting "attacked" by a pit bull


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