Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8 2013

Dear Everyone,

This week went by really fast, i think it is because of conferences. The conferences were really good i really liked them. I was there for every session but i cant say i got to hear everything. On saturday, we brought a family to one of the sessions and the kids in the family just kept on talking so my companion and i went with them to a different room were they could watch conference without disturbing all the other people there jaja. So while we were with them it was really hard to pay attention and then the second session the satalite was a little bad and so the sound cut out a few times. But sunday went a lot better. No disturbances and no problems with the satalite. My favorite talks were definitely the two by Pres Monson and Elder Holland! Elder Holland really has a wey of speaking when he is up there and then his talk was just amazing. I liked when he mention the boy who told him he doesnt know if the church is true yet but he does believe its true, and how he just embraced him and told him how important it is to believe.
And then with the talk from Pres Monson about obidience was great too. His stories about when he lit the field on fire and how that man saved up tithing not even knowing if he would have a chance to pay it were really inspiring.

Love you all!
Elder Evans

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