Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29 2013

With the renewing my visa last week i really didnt have to do anymore then go to tijuana and sign a few forms and fingerprints so it wasnt much. Some day soon i will probably have to return to tijuana just to pick up the card, but i dont know when.
haha that lizard that we found last week, we found crawing around the entrence of the house. After having it in the little container for a few hours i decided its best if i let if go becasue i had no idea how to feed it or keep it alive. Otherwise it would have been cool to keep.
Wow thats some crazy minnesota weather. But i gotta admite, i wouldnt mind a bit of it over here. Were as you guys say you cant imagine 100 every day... I can! haha its pretty hot. Everyone keeps telling me that its just beginning and that its still not that bad out. Its wierd being here and thinking that is still just spring weather. In my house we have one air conditioning machine. One of those ones you stick in the window. Its located in the bedroom and it does an alright job of keeping it cool in the bedroom, we basically have to keep it on all day. With out it there would be no way i could sleep in the heat. The most interesting part though of having the machine in the bedroom is that when you walk out of the bedroom its like being hit by a little wave of heat. The bedroom can get to a nice 60 degrees and the whole rest of the house in the 80s o 90s. Also a few days ago we started to feel a breeze outside and it literally felt like i was infront of an opened oven. Horrible icky hot breeze. I can only imagine when summer comes.
So this last week i had my first baptism here in mexicali. The work is a lot harder here then in tijuana because all the people who live here are people that have lived here for a ton of time  or were born here and dont like change where as in tijuana its completely different. People from all over the place who are constantely making changes. But alas! A baptism! We baptised a kid named ======== (12 anos). his grandparents are less active member and his parents and everyone else he lives with are really that great of examples. And so me and my companion have been working with the grandma and all of here grandchildren that live there. The kids are gradually getting involved with church activities and getting to know people. I really hope that they can stay involved in the church because its probably the one thing that could help them most in their young lives. While working with them i often think of all the blessing i have been given for having grown up in the church.
Elder Evans


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