Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6 2013

Hey Mom
so i just left from the clinic and well i feel good. basically just told them all of my symptoms (stomach problems) and like 30 mins before going to the clinic i had a allergic reaction to something and was covered in rashes (nothing too bad). So they wrote me up some perscription and pumped some fluids in my hand/vain para the allergic reaction, stomach pain, and infection that i have in my intestines or someone in that digestive tracked. Alls well, they say that i will slowly be getting better throughout the week with these medicamentos. Wow im having trouble writing in english. 
Well i feel like that was my whole day. I was going to take the rest of the day to relax and buy food and meds because we didnt do that earlier.... but our leaders are sending us to some weird area that i dont know in the other stake to find someones house because our leaders set up an appointment for us and are making us go. It will be good because it means work but.....today of all days :( oh well esta bien.
Well the past week was kind of a lazy week, not because i wanted to be lazy but because i wasnt feeling that great and everytime i ate my stomach acted up and we returned home until things settled down. We meet and taught a guy who was deported from MN. His name is ====, he and his wife lived in shakopee but now its just his wife that is there and he is waiting, i think, to be able to go back. He is a neighbor to one of the members in the ward. He didnt go to church yesterday (dont know why) but it seems like he has a great desire to change his life around.
So the plans are that i will call you guys from skype at like 1:30pm my time on sunday.
Welll....if you have any questions ask. Otherwise i got to go.
Love you all! Bye
Elder Evans

A brief update later in the evening said:
hey idk if you saw the email but i am bien. and right now with members and we are making cookies in a noche de hogar so no i problema
ademas voy a ver obispo johnson manana

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  1. Ojala que todo va bien con el estomago. Me gusta leer sus cuentas de su vida. Mya gusto mucho los fotos que sacaste en el zoologico. Se rio muchismo. Es un poco dificil que escribir en espanol sin la abilidad que usar los acentos arriba de las letras. Ojala que puedes entender. Parece que has aprendido mucho en Mexico. Buena suerte. Su tio, Jake