Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29 2013

Hey mom, so i wont be able to write much right now but what i can say is that yes i have been transfered and am now serving in Lomitas ward in ensenada. its a lot different. here it is always cool out with a breeze from the ocean. the ocean is pretty cool, i havent gotten too close to it but i can see it from my sector. So as mexicali was super flat and hot here is super hilly and breezy. to be honest i miss mexicali and would love to have stayed there a little bit more time. There is a family there that i started visiting with elder neeser and continued visiting with rendon (fam Ramirez), the family that helped me out when i got sick, that i will miss a lot.
Right now my companion is  elder Ramirez from Chiapas MX. He has 5 months in the mision. 
Well i will write a lot more when i can but as for now.
Love you bye
Elder Evans

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