Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 3 2013

Hola a todos!

Ok so i am slowly getting used to all the hills. I didnt get much of a chance to tell you about my last week in mexicali so i will tell you what i remember from it. Not too much out of the ordinary happened over there BUT i did finally get to eat Menudo (cow stomach). I remember dad telling me a little about eating stomach and how it had a really weird texture. I didnt mind it though, i eat two full bowls. While on the other hand my companion almost throw-up when he took his first bit. Felt pretty proud of myself.
No this week in ensanada has been very tiring but i feel very content. We are teaching more here then in mexicali. Mainly because the members here have been helping helping out with referals. We meet the girlfriend of one of the guys in the ward and have been teaching almost every day. The guy was ward mission leader in Mexico, Mexico a while back so he is a little familier with misionary work and had actually taught his girlfriend a bit before entraducing her to us. When we started teaching she was already reading a bit of the BoM and Principios del Evangelio. Shes definitly ready for baptism just needs to go one more time to church.
Today i will be going down to central ensanada where i will be closer to the shore, should be fun. I will right more when i have more time.
Elder Evans

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