Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10 2013

Hey everyone!

Wow thats pretty crazy that school is out. So Hayley will be a Junior and Matt a freshmen when i get home? Thats crazy, and even more crazy that Paul will be on the mision just a little over a month.
Time here is really flying by fast too. I already have like 16 months on the mision, but ever time i get asked i say i only have 14 month just so i dont get the reaction from all the members saying ¨oh your almost done¨.
So this week has kind of gone by normally, nothing to different happen. The most exciting this is that ========, the woman we are teaching, should be getting baptised this week. I was already told that i will be the one baptising her. Its alway a blasting being able to do the baptism because you feel the spirit real strong. That and just walking around in the baptism font when its full is fun, its the closest i get to going swimming. We also have a few other families that have gone to church  but still dont have a baptism date, we will be working with them on tuesday to get them set up with a date. 
Oh yeah and im not sure if i have told you this but there is like no where to go here to wash clothes so i am learning to wash my own clothes by hand. All the houses here have like built in wash boards of stone and thats what i am using to wash with. The process is a lot longer 

I will write more but we have to go.
I will also bring my memory to send fotos.

Love Elder Evans

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