Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21 2013

Hey y'all (im teaching my companion southern state english)

Hey hows it going? Sorry i didnt write that much yesterday but we didnt really have much time and i forgot my memory and so me and my companion decided to just write today. So these past two weeks have gone by pretty fast! It was really great hearing from you guys.
So this week is that last week of transfers so there is a chance that i am going. I have more time here then my companion but then again you never know. I still dont know if i want to go or not. It would be really cool getting to know a new area and work with different people but then again at the same time i really like all the people in this ward. There are some families that i am really going to miss if i leave here. Then again if i stay i will have to suffer more heat and im really liking the idea of going somewhere nice and cool, like Ensanada :)
This week our president finally brought us a new air conditioner. Me and my companion were really excided to recieve a new one. We brought it up to the room and fit it into the window and then when we wanted to plug it in...what do ya know! It doest fit in the outlit bucause it need 220 volts and has a different plug. Oh well we will be working with someone in our ward to get the thing working. 
We have also continued working with the members in the ward. We have a few people that we have just started working with. One is the step brother of the bishop. He has come to church for the past 2 weeks but it has been difficult finding a time to teach him. He apperently works a lot. I think my companion and i are just going to go and surprise visit him without an appointment. A sister in the ward also brought her friend to church. We have to visit her too. She seems pretty shy and i dont think she can read, but the sister who invited her to church is super cool and actually had a son out on the mision before so she really likes helping out the misionaries.
So this week we did 2 family home evenings and they were both really great. The first one, my companion and i taught about the Holy Ghost and what are its functions and what can we do to have the Holy Ghost with us. My favorite part about that lesson was when we talked about how the Holy Ghost can guide us with a still small voice that tells us what we should do. I have learn recognize the Holy Ghost as that voice in my head that reminds me to do my daily prayers and scripture reading even when i feel too tired :) jaja
In the second family home evening i taught about the story of Nefi and the Liahona. And how his family used it to guide them through the wilderness to where they need to go. We comparied the liahona to other things that we have in our lives that guide us like Prophets and the scriptures and so on.
Also, other highlight of the week is that ======== (joven that we baptised) passed that sacrament this week!

Well g2g
Love you all
Elder Evans
air conditioning unit

wrong kind of plug!


at the dr

thumbs up during IV

probably his district

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  1. It seems to me that "thumbs up" is like the missionary gang symbol.