Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aug 19 2013

Helo everybody,

So today is transfer day and i got transfered. I am no longer in ensenada but back in tijuana. My ward is called Buenas Aires, and my companion is Elder Cruz from Oaxaca. I dont really now him well, i met him for the first time today. I really dont know my nex secter either, i have been in this stake (otay) but first time in this secter. So far things are going well. I did really enjoy my time in Ensenada though. The secter was full of hills but it was cool being in ensenada. Its been about 6 months sense i have been in tijuana. 

So this week has been really busy and im actually super tired right now. We have had a lot of lessons this week and were greatly blessed with a baptism. I would send pics but my memory has a virus and i cant open it on this comp. i am going to get it removed soon. 
But the baptism was great. The kid who got baptised is named Maurisio and hes only 9 years old but his family was inactive for 9 years so he never got baptised. The family is really cool, this took us out to eat in celabration of the baptism, we eat tacos. Its great seeing the family return to church and being able to get through all the problems the were facing. 

Then this sunday i woke up with an ear infection, and still got it. Im using drops, i really hope it clears up soon. And then in church they announced that one of the 14yr old boys died in the morning. He had gotten sick a few weeks ago and also had diabities. We went to his open casket thing yesterday and it was sad, but i didnt really know the boy very well. They asked us to come to support the family and to be posts by the coffin because the kid had desires to go on the mision when he grew up. Because we went their we delayed all of our appointments that day and ended up getting home a bit late. They spent the night packing.  
Well thats all im going to write because im tired.
Love, elder evans

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