Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30 2013

Dear Everyone.

Its great to hear that paul is doing great in the ccm de peru! Btw his friend Elder C------- is in my zone. Just thought id let you guys know. I heard about paul funny little run in with the pres of the ccm. Makes me remember when i was in the mtc. The pres there never came around checking our rooms, other people did, but never the pres.

So this past week was really fun and full of cake. The Familia P------- (family that we have been teaching) invited us the there house to eat dinner. We had been planning it for a little while but now we final did it. They make the food called Ceviche (wet salid made with fish). I really like it, and its pretty populer here cause we are so close to the ocean. I made a cake because they hear i like to make deserts and they wanted a cake. All 4 of us elders were there. Two of the kids in this family are going to get baptised on the 3rd. Only one of them was there that day because the other went to EFY this past week. It was a really great experience for him because he came back a little more excited for his baptism and he made quiet a bit of friends he says. 

Later the next day, Elder G------ turned 22yrs old. And because he doesnt like chocolate much he didnt eat from the cake we made the day before and i made him a vanilla cake. Me and my companion supplied the cake and the soda and they supplied the pizza. We celabrated at night when we all got home from working. There was a tun of food and everyone filled themselves up. It was all pretty fun.  And now this next week is my birthday.... im not sure if im going to make a cake or leave it to them to make one.... or who knows im kind of tired of cake. But oh well thats still a ways away and im really more excited about the baptism on the 3rd then my bday. 

The other pic i sent is of us in our zone preparing for a carne asada. For the activity we all went to the House of Prayer to do a carne asada. The house they use is huge! It even has a tennis court outside. 

Ok well thats enough for now.
Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Evans


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