Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9 2013

Hey all!
Wow only a few more days and paul will be writing to you guys just like me. I think that would be cool to spend a little bit of time in both mtc's. I really enjoyed my time in mtc provo.  Btw i talked to a fellow misionary from peru. He tells me that it gets pretty cold where paul will be going, he will be eathing rice with almost all of his meals (no tacos, no beans, no mexican food,, just 100% rice and chicken), oh and he also says the spiders there can get pretty big. He also says the beaches there are super cool... but you cant go cause your a misionary haha but dont worry im not allowed to go to the beaches here either :(

So this week was really fun and flew by fast because it was filled with a bunch of zone activities. On Wednesday we had a concert at the stake center. The concert was put together by one of the wards and was done with the intention of inviting nonmembers. There were about 10 songs sung. Us misioneros sang "Alli donde hay amor" i sent the video of it. i hope you can understand it and guess what song it is in english. The guy who recorded it on my camera didnt do the best job of recording it but oh well. 

We also had a zone service project on saterday. The project was to clear out and clean the space infront of some members house. It was pretty dirty there. I was blessed with the chore of cutting things down with the machete. I cut grass, trees, bushes and a whole bunch of other stuff. The machete i used had a broken/crappy handle and so i handed with a bunch of blisters but its all good.

Oh yah i forgot to mention, today is transfer day.... no changes. Same companion, same area, same companionship that share the house with us. 

So teaching wise... nothing has really changed. We are looking for people to teach, people that will progress. Sunday we actually met a family that is menos activa and found out that they have a daughter that hasnt been baptized yet. We will be working with them to help them re-activate and also help the daughter get ready for baptism.

Well hope you liked the fotos,
Love you all
ELder Evans
If anyone can give me a better translation than Babelfish for the phrase above, I would appreciate it. Jim didn't quite know what to make of it either. Babelfish translated it as "keep it is easy to clean"

The singers from the video (EJ is on the far left)

Machete and shovel

Using the machete
 Also, here is a link to the video he mentioned. And beware that it does get jumpy and weird sounding at the end. But still--EJ was singing on stage! It sounded about like I expected it to, but I couldn't help but be proud of EJ.

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