Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15 2013

To everybody.
Wow! Thats so crazy that Paul is almost gone! I know i say this about ever email but what ever. Btw Happy Birthday Paul! Your birthday will be your year mark on the mision. Mine is my half year and 1and half year mark. 
Well just so you all know... Im going to the Bufadora today in just a little bit so.... my letter is probably not going to be all that long. But summery of what happened this week.
Fist off, we are working with two kids 15 and 11 yrs old. Their family is menos activo but are really excited in becoming more active and they are all working together in helping L---- (15) and D------ (11) get baptized. The date is set for this saturday. I hope everything goes as planned. It will be really cool be cause L----- is planning on going to EFY the monday after getting bptized.

I saw the inside of a guys foot. It was cut in half and i got to see the family wrap and unwrap it. I saw the bone and muscle. Elder G----- helped with the process. I am going to help the next time we go.
I will write more latter. 
Love you all 
Elder Evans


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