Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dec 17 2012

Dear Familia y amigos

Ok so right now im really tired. Transfers were today. On saturday night we got the call that both me and my companion were going to leave and that this ward was to recieve two other elders. A lot of strange movement of missionaries took place this transfer because 16 missionaries ended their mission and went home. Thats a lot in one transfer. We so me and my companion spent a whole bunch of time packing and cleaning the house for the new elders. We spoke in the ward, shared our testimony, told them how much i was going to miss them all and told them that they will have to help out these 2 new elders because they wont know anything about the area. We also went to certain members house and took pics with them, ate with them for the last time and talked with them for the last time. We went by one family imparticular. Oswaldos family. We spent a good amount of time with them yesterday and went we finally said our good byes, Emily (9yrs) got really sad and her mom said she even cried after they made the announcements in church. Well today we left for the church building in Paraiso to hear where we are going. The President said that he had to do some last minute changes this morning because some missionaries didnt get their visa and will not be making it this transfer. So when my name was finally called, he said - Elder Evans, your new companion will be Elder Perez and your sector will stay in Industrial - wow............. After doing alll that stuff and preping myself mentally to leave..... i stay. Im happy in that i will be able to be hear for Christmas but i am all mentally worn out and tired from packing, unpacking, cleaning and uncleaning. The ward still doesnt know that i will be staying here so we will see how they take it.
Well this week has been very eventfull or very busy. First off, we had the ward christmas dinner wednesday. It was really great. The food that was there was really different then the food we have at the burnsville ward dinner party. Here we had tamalis, beans, chicken, and some hot drink made from lots of fruits.
I dont have much time so sorry for lack of detail.
Well i will send you guys fotos.
And im glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday mom!
Love Elder Evans

At the ward Christmas dinner

THE BEST birthday present ever! A picture of a birthday greeting written in Spanish on a napkin and next to a half-eaten cake! He did this at the Christmas dinner.

EJ on the right, his companion on the left and a recently baptized family in the middle. The girl in the pink sweater is the one who cried. Look at how tall EJ is!

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