Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 21 2013

Hey everyboday!

Well this week has been pretty busy. Mostly for all the meetings that we have been having, and then the baptism that we had this thursday.
Lunes - PDay
Martes - District meeting in the morning
MiƩrcoles - Baptismal interview for Y____
Jueves - Zone conference then Baptism
Viernes - Interviews with the Pres. 
Sabado - normal day

So it was kind of an uneventful week other then the baptism. I would send pics but im pretty sure the computer that i am using has a virus and i dont want to risk damaging my memory. Anyways, the day of the baptism me and my companion were hardly even in our sector. We had to leave really early to go to the zone conference which was about an hr away in bus and started at 9am and lasted until 2:30. The conference was all about missionary safety. It was pretty interesting, the first time we have really taken so much time to talk about safety. Then after then conference we returned to our sector, eat lunch, and went to the church (which is outside of our sector) to start filling the baptismal font and make preparations. The ward planned the baptism to start at like 730 but i know it was going to end up starting a bit later then that because the dad works late some of the daughters in the family of the girl who was going to get baptised get out of school at 750pm and they dont have a car to get the to church and have to take a bus which takes a little while. Well a fin de cuenta, we went with a member to pick them up at 8. At the church the dad and the daughter got changed and really for the baptism, then we took fotos, and by the time we actually start the service it was 900pm. We got permision to stay out late from the assistents to the pres. It was a great service and a big day for the girl and her dad.
We found this family about a month and a half ago, they had reciently moved from Sanora and didnt know where the church was and little by little returned to church. Its a family is passing through a lot of difficulties but they are keeping at it.

Well i love you all, 
Elder Evans

btw i sent the package with my bishop yesterday 
and yes i got katies package.

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