Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It was really great to be able to baptize someone. Hopefully this week we have two more baptizms and if things keep going well we could be able to continue having people baptized in the following weeks. We seem to have quite a bit of solid investigators, the hardest part is getting them to church. They love to hear the lessions, they love having us over, and they always say they are going to church that week but in the end they dont go to church. And in order to baptize them they need to have gone at least twice and we dont wanna baptize them and then just have them stop going to church. But if all goes well these next few weeks should be good. So at the end of this week is transfers and we dont know whos going until saturday, most likely Elder Alvarez and I are staying but it will be interesting to see who from my district is going and who the new people are. Also, at the end of this month, if the mission has 130 or more baptizms, we all get to go see Avengers as a mission.

So this week went by really fast. I was on exchanges with other missionaries for 3 days out of the week. Sometimes im in my area and sometimes im in theirs. The first two days i worked with Elder Rodriguez(sp?) and then Elder Bowers in their areas. It was really fun. Elder R.s area is basically a whole bunch of colonies/little towns spaced apart by feilds, so i got both the city feel and the country feel when working with him. Elder Bowers place isnt all that far from mine so it didnt seem too different and i have already worked in that area before. Its not as hilly which is nice. The third day I worked with my Zone leader, Elder Erekson, in my area. So with him i had to be the experienced one with where we are going. He was in my area to do our Baptizm interviews.

Well got to go. Love you all!

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