Monday, May 7, 2012


Yeah i would say having a mexican companion is helping me out. But i honestly wish he didnt know as much english as he does. Because he is district leader we does excanges every week so everyweek on wednesdays i get to work with another person in my district and last week i worked with an Elder Rojas who didnt really know any english at all. So that was actually really fun because i feel like i had to work harder on my spanish to communicate with him, and he corrected me alot with pronunciation which is helpfull too.

I am still struggling with the language but i do notice things that are geting better, like i can buy things and generally make out what they are telling me so i know how much things cost and i feel more comfortable just asking random people questions. doesnt mean i always understand everything they say back but oh well.
So this last month our mission did really well with baptizms (128) and the Mission Pres said if we get more then 130 this month we can all go and see Avengers as a mission. I hope if we see it i can see it in english. But i am excited this week because we have 2 families that should be baptized this week and they will be my first baptizm from start to baptizm with those investigators.
That really stinks about the twins! Speaking of MN there is a guy here who loves the MN Vikings. idk why because hes lived in Mexico all his life.
So to answer your [Mom's] questions:
Nope i really dont have dinner unless i am offered food at a persons house in the evening, but sometimes i eat a snack before bed. like a banana or something. but no we dont schedule time for dinner. Most people here eat their dinners at like 9 or 10 anyways.
I actually ride the bus quite often when traviling to other sectors to visit others in the district which i do quite often because Elder Alvarez is District leader.
While i was walking one guys said "happy cinco de Mayo" but thats really about it. So no, i would say we celebrate it more in high school spanish class then we do here in Mexico.
Yup i actually made stairs for a lady and as a survice project work in a persons scrap yard. With the stairs: this lady front yard was just dirt and going from the house to the road is a little steap so i just used a shovel and turned the hill into stairs. If it rains i am pretty sure it will go back to being the way it was but thats what the lady wanted. I send a pic next week. The service projt was basically working in someones little scrap yard of random junk and collecting the metal and pilling it up fo them. I have pics of that too that i can send next week.
While i study spanish, Elder Alverez studies english or just does random stuff around the house.
At church i do the normal stuff but in spanish. Although my time there is centered on the investigator and helping them go where they need to go or sitting with them in classes and help them learn.
For laundry we go to a little place down to street and do our laundry there. 
So far i have really only gone shopping at regular grocery stores or little tiendas. there are so many little tiendas all over the place in neighbor hoods. just like little stores selling the basics, bread, water, milk, candy and tortillas.
So i am really excited for this week. we should have 2 families get baptized!
Well my time is up, i got to go
Love you all Bye!

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