Monday, April 30, 2012


So another week is over with. This week has seemed to go by faster then the others.
So your question about where elder Alvarez lives... idk where he lives exactly but its a place in mexico that sounds like Tomo Lupis. And dinner... well apperently its not very common to have dinner here as a missionary. We have taught about 15 lessons this past week. So what Riley said about setting apointments with people and them they arnt there most of the time is true. We have to have a plan b and c to every appointment lol.
So we had one girl get baptized this week but her family are members and her dad was the one who baptized her so idk why it still counts as our baptizm but it does. Maybe it has something to do with them being recent converts or something...idk.
So you ask why is there a bucket in the shower. Well the hot water doesnt work and so we heat up water on the stove top and then pour it in the bucket and then use that water to bath. Its a very annoying process so i have just decided to take freezing cold showers. And now i never take too long in the shower :)
Well we havent had any conferences yet but we have a district meeting once every week. Its just the missionaries in the district getting together and descussing missionary stuff and reporting to the district leader. So i found out that our district leader is actually Elder Alvarez.
The ward here is really nice and i have grown to like a lot of them. I still dont know them all that well because its a bit difficult to convers with them but there are a select few we see more often then others.
My favorite lesson to teach is the Gospel Of Jesus Christ which includes faith, repentence, baptizm, recieveing the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.
On of my favorite thing here is that street laws are kind of a joke. The driving here is crazy and u can just walk through the street inbetween cars and lanes and its compeletly normal. I am glad im not driving here.
So on wednesday i went on splits with Elder Erekson and went knocking doors in a sort of rich neighbor hood because we had a lunch appt there and we were early. Well just about all the people there that answered the door were either Chinese and didnt speek spanish or they were American and spoke some spanish. It was a blast talking with all them and then trying to talk to the chinese people.
Later that day we went teaching with a member, Angel, who is leaving on a mission in a few days to another place in Mex. At the end of the day we went to his house and next to his house i saw one of the fattest dogs i have ever seen. i will send a pic.
Well i love you all. Elder Evans
Ps i have the worst farmers/watch tan.

email to Dad:
I do like there the freedom in the outside world much more then the mtc lol
though i still like the mtc. yeah i am still having dificulty understanding
everyone but i think it is getting better or maybe i am just getting used
to not understanding lol.
I still need to use english scriptures to compare when i read is spanish.
The food here is a bit different then chipotle tacobell. Yeep i have had
their buritos and tacos and they are really good. I must say though i still
think i like chipotle a bit more.
The weather is great. its funny listening to people talk about how they are
freezing cold and its like 65degress out.
Love Jimmy
I wish i had more computer time.

The "worst farmers/watch tan"

the fattest dog he's ever seen

a baptism

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