Monday, April 9, 2012

April 4 2012

Hola Como estan? Esta may be a short letter porque no tengo mucho tiempo escribir. So this past weekend I got to watch General Conference. They had us all sit in the Gym to watch it. Same place we have devotional. They were really good. The MTC choir got to sing for Saterday afternoon session. If you watch when they sing "Praise to the Man" you will see Elder Archuleta. He's in the front row and at the end of the song he gets a little close up and you can see his name tag pretty well. It was funny when they showed him because you could hear all the missionaries wisper to the person beside them.

Then Sunday night we had a fireside and the guy who spoke was Vai Sikahema. You should google him and then maybe youtube him. A few of the videos he showed us were of him doing a news report on the MTC and their language program during the SLC Winter Olympics. Another video was of a commercial moto for this adoption agency,l the moto is "Forever Families" and then a few other videos. He then talked about his mission to South Dakota. It was really great.

On Monday I got to go to Boise ID to sign for my visa. We flew from SLC to Boise at like 8 in the morning. Me, Elder Bryce, Elder Fjelstrom got to fly first class. There were a few other elders who went with us and they got Coach. haha. So we got to eat regular food when we got there. We all went to Panda Express. Then got droped off at an apptment that all 7 of us were going to stay the night. We basically just chilled there for a day and a half and then flew to AZ and then back to SLC. It was a really fun trip. And now I am back at the MTC awaiting my leave to Mexico.

Love Elder Jimmy (scribble) <-- I was tired

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  1. oh lookie!! his address is updated!! What a big day today!! Thoughts and prayers out to EJ on this new adventure. Think of it, dropped on in a foreign country and barely knowing the language. so scared! I'm glad he is so excited, though. That is how it should be.