Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A phone call!

This post is written by mom--not by EJ.

I got a call from him today! He called out of the blue! I had been wondering what happened to him because we haven't heard much from him lately. There was the short email on Friday night about a Boise trip for his visa, but other than that, it's been a couple of weeks. He spent his March 27th P-day at the doctor's and so we were hoping to hear from him yesterday, but we waited by our gmails in vain.

So the phone call was a nice surprise. He called to tell me his travel plans. YES, he is officially scheduled to leave the MTC and head out to Mexico!

He arrives at the SLC airport at 9 a.m. Tuesday April 10th, and his flight to San Diego leaves at 11 a.m.  He will be picked up and driven across the border and he will start his REAL mission! He is very very excited to be going "outside."

Jim and I were nervous about the visa because for the last several months, we've heard rumblings about delayed visas to Mexico. So I was telling myself there might be a delay. But not so! EJ will be leaving on the date he was originally scheduled to go.

He will quickly discover that what he has learned in the MTC is not nearly enough to be fluent. He might be able to teach lessons, but conversations will be difficult, at least for a while.

And then just now, I got an email from EJ. He answered some of my latest questions. First I'll post my questions, and then I'll post his answers.

Dear Jimmy,
I'm writing in hopes that you still get your Pday today. This could be your last P day in the MTC. Ethan should have left yesterday and you will be leaving next Tuesday!
Any last requests? Dad is sending some pictures in the mail today.
I want to hear all about your trip to Boise:
1. who went
2. how long were you gone
3. what time you had to get up
4. what time you got back
5. was it just a quick signing of the visa
6. did you do anything else in Boise
7. was it nice to do something different?
8. also, is the medicine working?
Dad says you've seen Elder Archuleta. Where did you see him?
I hope you enjoy your last week at the MTC. Study hard, pray hard, and remember to be grateful for all you have been blessed with. We are grateful to have been blessed with such a wonderful son.
EJ's answers: 
ummm i  cant think of anything. and thank you
1. Me, Elder Bryce, Elder Fjelstrom and a few other missionaries from another district.
2. We were gone for 2 days
3.monday morning at 4 and tuesday the flight was at 2 so we got to sleep in a bit.
4. got back at about 9 at night
5. nope. took about 2 hrs of waiting and then sign at the very end
6. nope just sat around really
7. yes very nice to get out in the real world
8. yes it is and it helped to be able to just not sit in class for the last few days.
i have seen him at lunch, walking from class to class, and 2nd session of gen conference on sat he sang in the chior got a close up at the end of the song Praise to the Man.
He is really short. about katies height.
i am really excited to leave for mexico!
Love jimmy


  1. Umm, yeah. He emailed me and told me that Elder Archuleta is about my height. I thought that was really funny! I'm so excited for Jimmy!!! :) I'm also very sad that he won't be in Provo anymore. Even though I don't get to see him while he is here, it will be sad when he isn't here. You better send Paul over really soon!!

  2. This is very exciting. I have been impressed with his good attitude and his willingness to just go with it. It seems that he is just fine with his grasp of Spanish and isn't too worried about conversing in Mexico. We are so excited for the next step!!