Monday, April 23, 2012


My second week here is definitely better then the first. Its not like i am doing anything diferent but more that i am more used to eerything. Like the language is coming along, though it is still hard to understand most everything i can see some improvements. Like most of the time i can get the idea of what is being talked about. Lol and plus i guess i am a bit more used to not being able to understand people. And i most of my area pretty well, the areas we walk through all the time.
So you askedif i was getting to know people names.... i prettymuch just know missionarys name because they have a name tag. When i hear someones name i can only seem to remember it for a few mins because i am constently focus on understanding what they are saying and my brain can only work with soo much information haha.
My meal situation here is pretty much tortillas or cereal for breakfast and for lunch we just about always eat at a membors house, so soup, chicken, or noodles most the time and always tortillas. Its all pretty good here, i like the food.
Though there are a whole bunch of dogs here i havnt yet been chased by one. One dog started barking and growling at us and we wasnt channed up so i picked up a rock, not very big, but i guess all the dogs here are afraid of getting rocks thrown at them so when i grabbed the rock it sort of backed off. So far mostly i have taught about the Restoration and the imortance of the Book of Mormon and Praying in our lives. In lessions i really just say set parts or bear my testimony because just normal conversation in lessons is still difficult for my with my language skills.
So this week i got to go on exchanges with other elders in the district. It was me and Elder Gomez in his area. it was great because Elder Gomez is trying to learn english and acually probably knows a little more english then i know spanish so communicating between us was pretty easy.
So i have noticed that one of the biggest issues here for missionary work is that like no one here is married. They may have a family and may have been together for a really long time and call eachother husband and wife but arnt legally married. We have a family, Familia Gutierez, here that we have been teaching for a while and they are all set to be baptized and everything. they are like the ideal family a missionary could hope to find..... but they arnt married. And so we are trying to work with them on that, one thing that is holding them back is just fear of changing. So later today we are going to teach about faith, scriptures, movie, testimonies and everthing. while on my mission i hae really gained a greater appreciation for the scriptures. one of my fav Chapters is Moroni 7, its got a lot about faith. In that chp i am sharing verses 25,26,33 with them.
Well got to go.
Love you all, bye.
Btw this keyboard stinks so if any typing mistakes its because of the keyboard lol

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  1. Nice to be done with that first week. Glad he is doing well and that he isn't too frustrated by the language thing. It will come and he seems to be ok with that. lol.

    I love this and look forward to it each week!!