Monday, April 16, 2012

A real email 4/16

Elder Alvarez speaks a little bit of English but not that much. Yeah he has mentioned Elder Johnson. I have been meeting a lot of different kinds of people but idk if i can really say i am meeting them cause i dont know too much about them because i find that it is a lot harder to understand the people here then in the MTC lol but it is still fun. Its a lot of hard work and by the end of the day i think my head hurts more then my feet, because i can handle lots of walking trying to understand what people are saying is very new to me. We walk everywhere we go btw. And Elder Alvarez is a hard worker and so along with that he pushes me to learn, which is good but dificult, like during lessions he will teach a bit and then just look at my and then i have to think of what to say next, i am doing most of the introducing in the door approches, and then yesterday we were eating at a members house and they are talking and all of the sudden E. Alvarez takes out his oil and gets ready to bless someone...thats when i know we are giving a blessing. Luckaly they were find with my doing the blessing in english. 
The food here is good, or the food the members cook. Mostly soup, noodles, and like chicken or beef... and there are always tortillas. And i havnt gotten sick yet and i really hope not to. I was also surprised to see how many dogs there are. They just walk around or sleep on the sidewalks.
So yesterday was church and we had a family of now new investigators that we meet yesterday attend. Its funny cause we meet then there was a lot of kids and one of the kids had on a BYU shirt. Apperently 2 kids out of the 10 people lived in Cali and were visiting that family and the 2 kids were LDS. But the rest of the extended family was not.
But about church: It was fun becuase it is something that is the same everywhere you go. I mean there were little differences like everyone was speaking spanish but it was structured the same. I like my ward "Los Pinos" and the people are nice i just wish i could understand them all. But i know the language will come, i am already beginning to be able to pick peices out of what people are saying and understand bits and peices.
Well i think i have answered most of the questions...
oh and there is an Elder in my District that i see once and a while from Colorado, Elder Erikson, and i got to speak english with him. It felt really good to be able to speak english and have someone understand my completely lol. 
Ok well bye. Love you all!

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  1. Fun to hear how he just started right up and is off eating meals at people's houses and all. I'm glad he hasn't gotten sick yet. And I like that they walk everywhere. The lanugage will come, he doesn't seem too frustrated over it, just aware that it will take some time. It was so exciting to see these pictures and read his first experiences. What an amazing experience for him!!