Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept 23 2013

Dear Everyone,

Well crazy enough this transfer is almost over. Truth be told, feels like it just started. 5 weeks have already passed and there is only 1 more left.
Its been a pretty great transfer, my companion is pretty cool and we get along really well so if we dont get changes im fine with that and if we do will i hope my next companion is pretty cool too haha.

So this week we have mainly been working with M_____ y A______, the little girl J_______ (here dad and sisters are members, and they just moved here from Sanora), and a few other people we have meet this week.

I sent a pic of M_____, A_____, Elder Peck (Elder Peck isnt my companion, we were on splits), and me. M______ y A______ are doing really great. They both went to church this week and are now all ready for baptism. They are planning on getting baptised this week on thursday. They have gone through quiet a bit to finally being ready. But they really worked through it using the gospel to help them. We explained to them the vision then Lehi had about the iron rod and the different people that tried to walk the streight and narrow path. There are people that try and walk the path without grabing onto the rod and easily fall away, then there are those that held onto it (a few made it to the end and a few didnt), and then there are those that grasped tightly to the rod and they all made it too the end. They have diffinetely been trying to grasp tightly to the rod, and now they are whitnessing the blessings of the Lord in their life.

The other people that we have meet this week arent progressing quiet so well sadly. We are going to keep visiting them but if they dont go to church or keep the other commitments there isnt really much we can do.

The ward here is slowly changing. They are making more plans on how they can speed up the work of salvation in the ward. they have made the plans, now we will see how everything works out. I hope its a success. Also our ward mision leader, who was just called, is really working hard and is helping us with assigning members to help us out with lession and work with our investagatores. Hes probably the hardest working ward mision leader so far that i have had. The WML in ensenada helped us out quiet a bit too. 

Well nothing really special happened this week but the next will have info on the changes and pics from the biptism.
Love you all
Elder Evans

EJ, his comp, and shovels

a tiny horse

The gray edifice that is in the process of being built is the future Tijuana temple!

M and A, Elder Peck and our EJ

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