Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9 2013

Hey everyone sorry i didnt write last week... last week was kind of really busy.

Last monday me and my companion agreed to help a sister in the ward bath her dogs. She has 4 dogs and she doesnt know how to bath them more it grosses her out. I sent a pic of one of the dogs. It was 2 pittbulls and 2 chihuahuas. The chihuahuas were easy to clean because they are soo small but the other two took a little bit more time. The other two were all covered with ticks, super nasty. The dogs kept running around had wouldnt hold still. We grabed a chain and chained one of the dogs up and a minute later brock the chian. So we planned on only taking an hr to wash the dogs and ended up taking 4 and a half hrs. So we started writing later then planned and a few minutes into writing (i had only been able to write to the Pres) we got a call from our investagater and had to go visit them because the wife was going to be flying out to mexico city the next day and wanted us to visit before she left. It wasnt really much of at Preperation Day for use but oh well.

 So this week we have been equally as busy as monday. Running from one place to the other.
First off, the couple that we have been teaching A____ y M____... im sure ive mentioned them before. If not they are the two people that came up to talk to us in the street. The day before they were assulted and beat up pretty bad, the guy had problems drinking, and the relation between the 2 wasnt all that great at the moment. Well in these two weeks with the help of the Book of Mormon and a lot of praying they have been able the change their lives around completely! The husband has gone this whole time sence we first meet him with out drinking any alcohol, little by little m___ is starting to trust a_____ and they actually seem happy! they have gone to church twice and have loved it each time. They are reading the book of mormon. This week m_____ flew out to Mexico City to see her Grandma because he was sick and we have beening going over to visit alberto every night at 8 (when he gets off work) to help stay strong becuase his wife has been a really strong support for him and this week wasnt there. We brought _____ over to meet a few members that live around him, hes made some friends in the ward now that will also help him out. We have also been reading a chapter with him ever night from the BoM, we stopped at 1 Nefi 4 or 5. I really amazed to see the change he has made in his life, two weeks ago he was even able to share his testamony in Testamony meeting about the BoM and the change it has made in his life.

We have also meet another family that has reciently moved into the ward but didnt really know were the building was. They have been have a lot of problems lately. The family is made up of the dad and his 4 children (3 girls ages 13, 13, 9 and one 11yr old boy) his wife left them a while back. now they are here and he works all day almost every day and his a few of his kids are going to school. Where they life isnt really all that great either, lots of drinking neighbors. The family is really cool and really like the church and hadnt been able to go for 2 months so when we brought them this week they were very happy. The youngest girl had been baptised yet so we are helping prepare her. The girls was born at  6 months and because of that they say she is a really slow learning and is still learning how to talk properly. The dad wants to baptise here and thats alright because she understands things just fine and we have asked her and she wants to be baptised too.

It has been a busy but great week. there is still a lot more that i havent mentioned but dont really have much time to write about it. 
So that will be it. Oh and i have sent pic of my house here and the dog i washed.  You see lots of dogs on the street here....alive and dead.

Well have a great day
Love Elder Evans
One of the pit bulls he washed

His very clean apartment

Beds made!

Where he lives

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  1. That apartment is super nice!! Very clean. I'm sure he feels like he is living in paradise!