Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 18 2013

Dear Everyone,

Im glad you guys had a mostly amazing time in the Florida keys. It sounds like a really cool place, very different from minnasota. So do you guys know why dad got sick or passed out? 

So another week has past here in the Buenas Aires Ward. I think i only have like 11 or 10 weeks left. Im not really sure. Elder Rendon and i are working together again and we are working pretty hard. One of the goals that we are setting is to talk with everyone we meet and try and put an appointment with them to share the gosple. Now the majority of the contacts my not progress but we are deffinitely seeing some of the blessings of talking to everyone, we have more appointments each day and we have more people to teach. Its also very interesting meeting new people. Let me tell you, here in tijuana there are people of all different types. For example, i have taught people who grew up here in tj but really dont know anything about tj, good humble families that come from another state in mex looking for work, druggies or alcoholics, people deported from all different places in USA, people that have just spend time in the Salt Lake City jail, and people that were part of some pretty crazy gangs in LA Cali. Obviously we dont teach people that pose a threat to us so there is no need to worry. All the poeple that we teach are cool people just with very different stories.

I really enjoy teaching the gosple, expecially when i see hope that it brings the people that i am teaching. We are teaching a woman named M_____ and she has really takin an interest to the gosple. We started teaching here about a week ago and she is already reading in Alma. She has gone to church once and two RS activities and she loves it. The only sad part is that she is planing on moving back to Veracruz before december so we wont be able to be with her for the whole conversion process but she has already told us that if she leaves she knows exactly were the church is in veracruz and will keep going to church and we have her address so we can send the missionaries to find her. 

We are also teaching a guy named I____ who is actually from TX and he has gone to church 3 time, he goes every other week because that is what his work allows. He works 24hr then rests 24hr. Basically all he does is "gaurd" stay in a house that has been confenscated by the gov. He can basically do what he wants there as long as he is at the house and awake. He is really cool and has a date set for 12 of Dec. He still has a ways to go to being prepared for baptism, he needs to stop drinking. 

So this week we were walking around and found a house that has a whole bunch of house sized cages filled with different types a birds and we also saw monkeys. It looked like a mini zoo. It was pretty cool, we decided on knockin on the door and tried to set a teaching appointment with the owner but she turned us down very nicely haha. Oh well, it was worth a shot. 

Well i only have one transfer left after this, i doubt i will be here when i leave. They will probably move me out this next transfer. Love Elder Evans

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