Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4 2013

Btw dropbox isnt really working to well on this comp so i cant see the pitures or send them so no photos until next week. 

So this is the last week of trasfers. Im actually looking forward to these transfers. I think i will be leaving this sector and the next sector will possibly be my last. But that also means that if you send me mail through my bishop i might not get it if i leave. 

Oh btw, did you guys try any of the water flavors or finish off the chacachacas?

So this week we had a special zone conference where we got to hear from a Area Seventy named Allen Walker. When we first heard his name i thought he was going to be american, then i saw him and his wife and i thought "yup definitely american", then i heard them both speak....definitely not american. They are actually from Argentina and they have a really strong/different accent then to what i am used to. It was really really cool listening to them speak, for the message they shared and for their accent. I have decided it would be fun to learn an Argentine accent. 
The message that Sister Walker shared was about being in tune with the spirit, companion, and the investagator. And the message that Elder Walker shared was about talking with everyone possible.
What i learned is that i need to do everything possible to have the spirit with me so that the spirit can testify to whom ever i am teaching, also that i need to be on the same page as my comp and we both have to be on the same page as our investagator (listening to them and then we the spirit will tell us what it is we need to teach to help them out in the best way possible). I also have to work harder on inviting everyone to come unto Christ, from the people we see in the streets to the people we sit next to in the busses.

We have been having a lot of trouble right now in this area in finding people that progress. We are working really hard with the members doing what we can for referals. We havnt recieved to many. But we have decided that if we do our best and talk with everyone we can the Lord will bless us with more work. 

Well i love you all!
ELder Evans

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