Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 19 2014

Wow i cant wait to feel what ethan must be going through right now. I really cant wait to see you all and ethan, nick, and tyler (the other friend in the pic) [mother's note: I sent EJ a picture I took of Ethan, who just got returned home from his mission in Malaysia this past Thursday, surrounded by brothers and friends that EJ knows]
The im starting to get more used to being with my comps. there pretty cool. It took a little bit you get used to them. They are very hard working and good at teaching so our lessons are pretty dang powerful and you can feel the spirit realy well. E. Meza know a ton about the scriputers. And E. clingo is a califonrian and likes to surf. 
So this week we had our first baptism! Becasue of the time and the lack of gadgets i wont be able to send fotos but in 2 weeks i will be able to show you all the fotos ive taken. 
I dont know what more to write because its hard to think super fast. becasue we are really short on time and have an appointment like right now. 
I cant wait to see you all!!!!!!
Love you all 
Ps are my black plad shorts still there? i feel like i will get home with very little clothing (thats not missionary clothes).... ahaha

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