Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27 2014

[This is the second to last email--Next Monday will the the last email from Elder Jimmy. On Feb 4th, he comes home]

yeah i do believe they give us time to write next monday haha.
haha i will have to take hayley out driving then. wait is she alowed to drive with me in the car because i am an adult? haha i have spun out a few time too. acually there was one time that i did 360s. so did you guys get scared when you started spining?
It will be cool seeing the difference between missions. I learn in the scriptures about why mexico is a lot easier to baptise and teach. it is in like 3nefi20 i think when the Lord talks about house the house of israel (lemanites) would be blessed then loss those blessing and be taken over by the gentiles then be freed and blessed again and recieve the fulness of the gospel. so they were promised sense the beginning that they were going to be a Christ believing people. Everyone here believes in Christ. 
The pics are really cool. Cant wait to see you all!
Love Elder Evans

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