Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bits and pieces from several letters

The following is a conglomeration of paragraphs from various letters sent to various Evanses living here in Savage.

Dear Dad,
Things here are going pretty good. The weeks are going by fast. and im glad because I can't wait to leave to Mexico. Its also getting really nice outside. It felt like 70s a few days ago. Spanish is also coming along alright. I can sorta teach a lesson solomente in español. I can't always say what I want but I can do my best to find my way around saying it by saying something similar. That's really cool you got to direct sacrament meeting and fast sunday. So when do you have to assign talks how do you pick who to give a talk?

You mentioned David Archuleta coming to the MTC. That would be pretty [cool]* to meet him and find out where hes going. I might actually be hosting by 3/28 because by then I will only have like 2 weeks left. P day goes so fast I feel I never have enough time to write to everyone.

Dear Matt, Haha Spanish was never fun in school but I really wish I had paid more attention in the class. When do you start Spanish? So here at the MTC I am speaking as much as I can. My goal is to be able to go a whole day without speaking English. That will probably only happen when I am in Mexico where no one knows how to speak English. At gym I play 4 square. The missionaries here love that game.

Dear Mom, I do see quite a bit of people here with yo-yos and sure I think a yo-yo would be nice. Other people in my District and Zone play with bouncy balls. I don't though**.

I got to go to the temple a little while ago. I have done ceilings [Mother's note: I assume he means "sealings] and an endowment session at the Provo Temple. It's difficult to think of things to write to write about cause every week is the same. When I am in Mexico, I will send more interesting letters.

Estoy aprendiende español y mas sobre el Evangelic de Jesucristo. Yo sé como enseñar la primero trece leccións in español. Pero, el otro leccións está mas dificial. Pues como estan? Voy escribir sus cartas ahora.

Excerpt from email from last Tues in which he answered some questions I posed to him:

hey mom!
my favorite activity during gym time is 4 square.
i do get the use the computer labs with headsets like every day
my gym class is at different times every day. i go off a schedule thats the same from week 2 through week 8.
I will write in spanish in one of my letters. i dont wanna spend too much time on email thinking of what to write.
I usually write letters on tuesday but sometimes i dont finish everything on tuesday so when i have spare time i may try and continue writing any unfinished letters. Spare time doesnt come around very often though. And even though tuesdays are PDays we still have things going on during the day.
Yeah i do get mail farely often, and so do my roommates. My companion is practically engaged and he gets a package like every day from his girlfriend.
My other two roommates leave the mtc anytime now, they were supposed to leave a few days ago but are having visa problems. theyre going to argentina.
i did get those cookies katie sent me and they were really good.
Well my 30 mins is about up. so got to go.
Love you all
*He left out a word here and I assume he meant to write "cool."
**I wonder what he has against bouncy balls?

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  1. I'll send him a whole bunch of bouncy balls. What kind? Big huge bouncy balls for four square? Or super balls? My curiosity will be my ending. I like his letters. I know he is working hard and getting antsy to go. That prep stage must be tough sometimes. What a great kid!!

    There is a kid at our school who does yo yo tricks. They say his yo yo was over $100. I won't be sending EJ that kind of yo yo.