Monday, March 5, 2012

March 1 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!
Hola Familia
So I got your letter and the memory card! Thank you! So I'm still having a great time here. I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago someone tried to spread a rumer that Lady Gaga died and a few people believed it [mother's note: what he forgot is that yes, he had told us already. But that's ok].  I didn't but that brings up the idea that everyone here is so isolated from the outside world, we can't just take out our phone to see if it is true or not. So to answer a few of your questions:
I am definitely settled into the MTC now.
Not had to speak in Sacrament meeting yet.
My MTC ward/branch is about 30 people
Those snacks in the picture are not mine.
MTC store sell a lot but no veriaty at all
My favorite MTC food is the Mexican stuff they serve
I have been to the temple
My instructers are very cool. Harmano Mead and Harmano Taylor. They are very energetic, funny and love telling stories from their missions. Taylor went to Argentina and Mead went to Chile. Taylor didn't serve in where Dad served. Both teachers are very good at getting us all pumped.

I heard Mom got to feed Lemmy, sounds fun! [Mother's note: Hey! I like to feed Lemmy. The only issue I have with feeding the lizard is trying to get the crickets from the cricket box into the breading bag. I don't want to be jumped on or touched in any way by crickets]  I love feeding Lemmy.

Tomorrow morning I have to get up at like 5:45 because my district is doing service. Every Friday morning we have to clean the Gym building.  I really can't wait tell I am out in the feild. The MTC is fun, but not much happens out of the normal. Every week is similer to the one before. Although there is one thing that happened, on Tuesday in the devotional we all got to hear from Elder Holland! He spoke of what is expected of us as missionaries. He talked a lot about how we are representatives of the church. I took a lot of notes and then my pen died right at the end. Well, I got to go.

Love, Elder Jimmy Evans


  1. This is so fun to follow his mission. I wanted to comment and let you know that EJ wrote to us - each one of us got an individual letter!!!! Now, that wasn't necessary and I certainly don't expect that he'll have the time to do that too often, but it was very nice.

  2. I hear that he has been writing back to people who write to him and even though it probably means fewer words in letters to us, I am glad that he is writing letters. It's great to be able to get a first hand account of what life in the MTC is like. Jim's memory of it is spotty and frankly quite out of date.