Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A very short P day email with lots and lots of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors

Ok well my room is not in the same building as the gym. it is the one right across from the gym enterince 17M is the building name. i will have to send some clips of me speaking spanish. And yes i feel very settled in at the MTC and i have walked the same routes 100s of times. I have not had to speak in sacrament yet but i did give a prayer in spanish. My MTC branch is now 18people big but tomorrow we are getting a new district of 11 so we are getting more. And no those are not my snacks, they are the snacks of the elder who desk is connected to mine. The store sells lots of stuff but at a small selection. church books, bathroom stuff, snacks, paper pencils envolops and what not. Thats cool that elder w___ gets to learn a new language. it will be crazy to see how fast he picks it up. how is everything at home.

[Mother's note: It seems to me that with the increase in Spanish language ability comes the decrease of facility with the English language.  Seriously, "envolops?"]


  1. Maybe that is what cyclops use to write their mothers.

    Still good to hear from him!!

  2. I like seeing pictures of him with his nametag. I remember stealing those from whatever elders were in our ward and then making them chase us to get it back. Sounds like he has adjusted to the institutionalization that occurs when you go into a large facility like that (boot camp, prison etc). Good for him for digging in too, we will keep up our letter writing, it's a perfect activity to keep the girls quiet during sac meeting.