Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Really short email

[Mother's explanation first: I sent him an email with a list of 5 questions:
1. Do you study out of Spanish scriptures?
2. Did you get Spanish scriptures?
3. Did you get a Spanish Preach My Gospel?
4. Do you have to try to speak Spanish with your district even when you're not in class?
5. Do you get to go outside ever?]
Elder Jimmy's answer in a very short email he sent on P day:
Yes to all those question except the first. I still dont know quite a lot of spanish so reading the scriptures is still hard. Instead i study from the english ones and if i find a verse to use in a talk or a lesson then i just look it up in the spanish one and read it. So for sacrament meeting i said the prayer in spanish. I was a bit nervous. So i ran into Bro and Sis Kay (the older couple) here at the mtc. they are going to texas.
Well got to go, Love you.


  1. I'm glad they let him go outside. If they have to speak Spanish to each other and no one knows how to speak Spanish, do they talk much?

  2. HA, probably not. I can just imagine them all sitting around, not able to speak. No one can ask for someone to pass the salt, or say "give me my pencil back" or even tell someone else they have toilet paper stuck to their shoe.