Monday, February 13, 2012

First Day

2/9/12 (in the morning)

Dear mi familia,
So the MTC is pretty cool. Missionary life is definitely different. I'm not used to having to have someone with me everywhere I go. I can't just run somewhere, grab something, and come back. I need him to come with me. My companion is Elder Bryce. He doesn't talk much, knows less Spanish then me [Sara's note: I will not be editing for grammar and spelling if I can help it just because I don't want to insert myself into his letters], and he lived in AZ. The food here is alright, so far at least. I don't think I will have to worry too much about overeating.

12:00 noon
OK, just had my immunization records looked at and at first they said I need a flu shot so they sent me in a room to get it. Then I looked over my records and found that I did have one already so I showed them and didn't have to get the shot but I still got juice and cookies so I didn't mind the mess up. I also had gym and a class where we went over how we should feel toward everyone and want to invite them to come to Christ. Oh and for gym I only get 50 minutes but that's fine. I'll just spend it running/jogging. Going to go have lunch soon but I'm not hungry so I think I will just have some juice or a fruit or see if they serve veggies here.

So I ran into Jace Saunders! He's been here for 2 weeks and is loving it. He's going to Tialand. I have still yet to run into Ethan or Erik. Well I think I'm going to just send this letter off now.

PS I need to work on my signature for "Elder Evans"

[Sara's note: I believe "Tialand" is Jimmy-spelling of "Thailand"]


  1. Yay for Jimmy. Of course, we all want more details, but this is great! I'm sure it is all a surprise/shock for him. I like that he has gym class.

  2. He wants to eat veggies? YAY! :)

  3. Having a companion to follow you/go with you everywhere takes some getting used to. I had a companion once that ditched me in downtown Mpls. I was panic stricken, I was a greenie and didn't know what to do so I took the bus back to my apt. He showed up a few hours later and was sent home a few days after that. Enjoy the food now because you never know what you'll get in Mex.