Friday, February 24, 2012


So this past week has been pretty great. Last Tuesday during devotional I got to hear from Bro Don Clark of the 70. He talked about loving the people you teach and not letting anyone elses actions determine my mission for me. I am really excited to go to Mexico and meet the families that I am going to teach and love. I also got to do sealings in the Provo Temple. It was really cool. Never done sealings before.

So because as a missionary there isn't a whole lot of communication to the outside world, falso rumors spread fast. Someone tried to convince some people that Lady Gaga had died and because no one could just flip out their phone and get on the internet to prove it wrong, a lot of people started to believe it was true.

Through out this week my companion and I have been teaching this guy who speaks little english, about the Gospel. We think we did a pretty good job. Well as it turns out, that guy we were trying to teach "Francisco" is our new teacher. Harmano Mead (Mead rhymes with feed) and yes he speaks great english. He grew up in Utah and went on a mission to Chile. All the teachers working here go to either BYU or UVU. THey are all really cool, but Hermano Mead has a way of getting us all excited to learn. He also has a lot of funny mission stories.

On Sunday I got to give the closing pray in Sacrament meeting, in spanish. My branch pres name is Pres Claybaugh and he is a pretty great guy. He gave a priesthood lesson about the power and importance of the Book of Mormon.

Later on Sunday we had a fireside and Pres Brown (MTC pres) talked about being a successful missionary. It was really good My favorite part of the fireside though is when all the missionarys sing Called to Serve.

 Yesterday I ran into Brother and Sister Kay in the MTC cafe. They are doing a couples mission in Texas. It was fun seeing and talking with them. There also seems to be a lot of problems with getting missioaryes their visa into Mexico. Everyone I know is getting reassigned to a state side mission until visas go through. Luckily I still have a while for all that to clear up. I really hope I don't have any visa trouble. Well that's all I'm going to write today.

EJ and his companion

EJ and and Elder G who is from our ward, and assigned to serve in Singapore

heading to the temple


in class

laundry/computer facility


  1. I love it!! The pictures are very telling. What a great letter. We pray for him every day!

  2. How cool to get real news and stories from the MTC. Glad to hear that everything is going well for EJ so far. That's a funny story about Lady Gaga. Isn't it amazing how dependent we are on those darn, little phones?!?