Monday, March 26, 2012

March 19 2012

At the beginning of this week it was really nice out. During personal study I got to go outside to read my scriptures. That may not seem super exciting but after spending all my time in the class room, getting to study outside was nice. We also rearranged our desks and I don't get to sit right next to the window anymore which kind of stinks but oh well.

At the end of the days alot of us elders played some stick pull. I'm sure Paul knows the game. Two people are sitting down facing each other, feet up against the other person's feet and they are both holding on to a stick/poll/for us it's a metal bar and see who can either pull the stick away from the other or have the other person fall forward. I did very well. I beat everyone except for Peterson, I tied him.

This week I also worked on memorizing the First Vision. "Vi una columna de luz, más brilliant que el sol, directamente arribe de mi cabeza; y esta luz graduamente decsendio hasta descansar sobre mí Al reposar sobre mí la luz. Vi en el aire arriba de mí a dos personajes, cuyo fulgor y gloria no aditen discrípcion. Uno de ellos me habló, llamándome por mi nombre, y dijo, señalado al otro: Este es me hijo amado. Escúchalo.

It took me about a day to get down. I can also translate what all the words mean.

A few days ago on Thursday the 14th my district got talked to by BYU security because apparently some of us were talking a lot during devotional and 2 of them left early. We found out they left cause 1 of them really had to go to the bathroom. We didn't get in trouble, just talked to.

And on Sunday I didn't have to give a talk which is nice. If I get my visa on time then I will only have to prepare for 1 more talk because after next week its just General Conference and then Fast Sunday. Although next Sunday I am doing the sacrament blessing and that is in Spanish.

It also snowed this Sunday. It was cool because it wasn't that cold and there was a tiny layer of snow on all the bushes and plant. Now just about all the snow is gone though. Sunday night we also get to watch a movie which was nice. We watche The Testaments.

Oh and sense I have gotten here I have gotten way better at reading scriptures and applying what I read to my life. I am almost done too, 25 more pages to go.

Oh and the little Book of Mormons are for Dad and Hayley [Mother's note: he sent two tiny BofMs for Jim's and Hayley's birthday presents]. I have one of my own and I think they are awesome because it fits perfectly in the inside pocked of my suit jacket and so I am always carrying BoM around with me.

Love Jimmy

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