Monday, June 11, 2012

Jun 11 2012

Ok this week... what happened this week. My time here is starting to blend together.
Well every morning missionaries are supposed to wake up at 6.30 am to exercise. Well the missionaries that i live and i have started going to the church in the morning and play basketball. Basketball is actually popular here in mexico...i did not know that. Out of the 4 of us i would say Elder Ramirez is the best at basketball.
This week i have started to realize how much my spanish has improved. I went on splits with and Elder Hernandaz (splits is when two companionships swap companions for a day) and he doesnt speak any english. I was able to go the whole day with him and not really have any comunication problems. I have also noticed that i can hold conversations with people (to an extent) and not really have to think about translating and just speak in spanish. Its really cool to have those experiences. I have really felt the Lords help in learning spanish.
I also went on splits with a young man in the ward, Gabriel, because Elder Castro had to go and do some interviews. Gabriel and I thaught people, one of them being his friend, and well it was a little different teaching with him. Though he will be leaving on a mission in a month to some place in mexico, i cant remember where, he really hasnt had much experience in teaching. I tried to give him a fair amount of time during the lessons to talk and teach because i knew he wanted to, but it was still different teaching with someone who really doesnt know the lessons very well (kind of like me before the mission).  Everything went well infact it was nice to feel that i can get by just fine without out an older more expierenced companion. I FEEL LIKE I AM LEARNING!
So another thing that happened this week that was really pretty sweet! There is a family that we are teaching, Familia Peralta, and they really dont have anything at all and not to mention the mom is having heart problems. They live in like an abandon farm shed, its actually pretty big shed. In that shed there is one normal room where all 6 of them live. All the kids have between 14 to 21 years old. Well one of them had a birthday this past week and we showed up at their house with a cake. They were all very excited and it was pretty cool. It may not of been a very exciting birthday for here but she seemed to be very happy with the cake. And after talking to them for a little while and eating cake we and two of the girls went to the church for thursday night youth activity and we bascally intruduced them to some others and left them with the youth. They said they had a really good time so that was good. And later that week we invited them to a baptizm and the mom and 2 girls went. We first showed them around the church and it was really cool to hear the mom say she really feels at peace there. I have to agree with her, i have alwaysed loved being at church either for sundays or just for activities. At times i think its even cooler here in mexico because here in tijuana its pretty dirty and lots of noise in the streets and a lot of the buildings (houses, other churches, stores, ect..) look pretty junky so when you are at the church here everything is clean, peacefull, and looks like you took one of the the church buildings from the States and plopted it down here in tijuana. I will get some pics of the church next time i can. Well basically long story short it was really nice hearing the mom, Adriana Peralta, say she felt very peaceful at the church and know that its the Espiritú Santo that she feels and i know that i feel the same way when i am there too.
Well I love you all and i love hearing how everyone is doing!
Elder Evans
PS. Buena suerte con BYU, Paul. Y también, felicidades con graduation y me gustara estar allá por su fiesta graduation. 

This was one of EJ's previous investigators who just recently got baptized.

The pic with me and the chocolate is because we literally didnt have any other food in the house to eat and i was hungry

the apartment

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