Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25 2012

Ok so i will first start off with talking about that family that i mentioned in my last letter. Well this past week we helped them out with cleaning their house. Now before my time here in mexico i would have thought "cleaning someones house" basically just ment vaccuming, sweeping, cleaning windows, shelves...ect. Well with their house its a little different. I do not have pictures right now but another elder does and i will get them from him so right now you all will have to do with me trying to describe it. Basically there house is like something you would find at an abandon barn/field. The house is big and in the shape of a simple square. Walls are made out of cement blocks up until about 15 or 20 feet and the ceiling is basically a metal sheet. Inside there are broken or moldy wood shelfs and tables that look soo dirty and dusty that you wouldnt even want to touch it. There is scrap wood all over the place and damp muddy cardboard too. In that "house" they have two seperate room complete with walls, door and all. One room is a where they all sleep and the other is a bathroom (i think). Well the cleaning was basically collect all scattered wood and put them in a pill and tare apart the broken tables and add them to the pill. All the tables that still held their shape we moved to and pilled them in the back of the house. And after all that we cleaned all the trash and sweet and all that kind of stuff. Luckally we had about 6 missionaries and some youth from the ward there to help. While we were cleaning, the whole inside of the house felt like a dust storm. There was more dust in there then i had ever seen before. Well in the end it felt really good to help the family out.
Then later that week on sabado they got baptized! Gabriel, Elder Castro, and I got to do the baptizing! I dont have any fotos to send right now but i will send them later today.
Now to answer a few of dads questions.. Yep my shoes are holding up pretty great! And yep my spanish is getting better, i still dont understand everything and sometimes i find myself talking to someone and i just cant understand a single thing they are saying. But my spanish is good enough were i can hold a conversation with most people and when i dont know what things mean i can ask about it.
Well i should be on a little more later today so i am going to end with that.
Love you all bye!
Elder Evans


Ok im back and here are some pictures.
One is a picture of what some of the nicer public transportation busses looks like.
I picture that Gabriel Mercado drew of some of us missionaries.
A pic of the room that we hold baptizms, Elder Castro throw in a few of those water purifier tablets for toilets and turned the water blue..... It looks pretty cool i think.
Other rooms in the church, so you can get an idea of the inside of it.
And Elder Castro, Gabriel, the part of the family that got baptized, and me.
Ok well love you all.
Transfers are next monday.
ELder Evans
PS i will try to send those pics of the cleaning that one families house when i can.

Tijuana bus

Elders in Los Pinos rendered in caricature

blue baptismal font water

chapel and cultural hall

a baptism!

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