Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2 2012

Hola Everyone! ok so first up with transfers and all, I am still in my sector de Los Pinos but i have a new companion. His name is Elder Alfaro. The other 2 that lived in my house also left, so i am back to having just two in the house and i have my complete sector back and everything. My guess is that a lot of people left recently for home recently and so the extra companionship was needed elsewere. Oh and i also got some fotos of the the cleaning at that families house that i mentioned in my last email. and another foto of this last saterday i got to baptize a mom and her daughter. Xochilt (mom) Grizelda (sp?) (daughter) it was really great. And then those fotos of the cake, well i made the cake and it tasted really good. Pues i will continue this letter after i move my clothes from the washer to dryer.
Ok im back. So thats awesome to here that Martez got baptized! And crazy how many people you say went, becasue with our baptizms we are luck if like ten other member show up.
It seems MN is really starting to heat up now. Here in tijuana it may not get much over 80degrees but it sure feels hot at times. The sun here feels soo much closer and i am always sweating.
Oh and tell grandma thank you for the letters and that i just reciently recieved the one from the middle of june.
So i am trying to think of what to write but my mind blanking on what i can say. I think i am just really tired because this past week we spent a lot of time cleaning and doing things this week that we need/want to do before the transfers.
Oh and you know that suit i sent home? Well if you could sent that back that would be nice. Everyone in the MTC told me that i wouldnt be wearing it a whole lot in mexico but i a actually have to wear it ever sunday at church and all the big meetings and this past week the pants ripped. I tryed sewing it but i dont think my sewing job will prolong its life for too much longer. 
Oh and i am pretty sure i forgot to tell dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY, being here as a missionary is like living in a bubble from the outside world. Like i just barely remembed the 4h of July, infact the day is probably going to come and go without even thinking about it. But yeah i really hope your fathers day was a good one!
Well Love you all!
ELder Evans


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