Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9 2012

Thanks for mailing the suit! I will hopefully get it this week or next. Right now i still wear the other suit pants and all. The rip wasnt too big and i was able to sloopily sew and glue it shut with some sort of silicon stuff. yeah it wont hold up for too long and the glue stuff is dryed glue is causing it to wear down other parts of the pants faster but for now its better then having that rip in it.

Yeah it is really nicing getting to know the ward members more, especially because i have heard that this is the best ward in the mission. Members are amazing and there are a ton of them. 278 attended sacrament last sunday. Apperently 150s or less is the normal. For sacrament we fill up half of the
overflow and the decons constently have to go back from more water. Its cool, they have a pitcher of water at the sacrament table that gets blessed to so they have extra water. But, i will be honest, i do like change so i wouldnt mind going to some new areas to work. I was actually thinking it  ight be cool to go to mexicali for a transfer in the summer, that way i can say i have lived in the second hottest place on earth and the hottest place that missionaries are sent.

Well i am going to write the big email about my week in the reply to mom,
and tell Paul Happy birthday for me when the 15 runs around!
Love you all!
Elder Evans

Dear Family
How is everyone? It was cool hear about all that animals at mikes house. I get to see my share of animals here too, while just walking around my section of Tijuana the animals that i come by are: Lots of dogs (of all kinds) and palomas (pidgens), cats, there is a feild in my area that has cow, chicken, roosters, and sometimes pigs. The first time i arrived here i found it interesting that there are rood side stores of those main Blvds selling chickens and pigs, or going to a house and seeing chickens running around the yard and the kids are playing with them as pets. But maybe its just because i have never lived in a "farmy" area. But right now all that is normal. I barely pay a second glance to all the dogs on the streets too. It will probably be weird coming back home and thinking its so quiet on the streets and its clean and there are no random dogs walking around.
So my first week with Elder Alfaro has been pretty good. I believe he lives in Hidalgo Mexico and no he doesnt speak much english at all and i think that will be good for me and my espanol. I would definitely say i have seen an improvement in my spanish sense i arrived here. There was a Stake volleyball tournament for the Relief Sociaty at the Capilla in my area. Oh capilla is chapel. So me and my companion went for a little while. Well i saw a lady that goes to a different ward that i had ment on my first or second week here while on exchanges. My first encounter with here was at her house and when see would talk to me i didnt understand a word she said and so i would just do what i was told to do at the time and nod my head in agreement with whatever she is saying and say yep. And then she would ask if i understand what she is saying and i would always say no. Well this time i understood enough to converse and joke and all that stuff.
Ok well about what i have done work wise this week. Well first off we started working with this investigator that had been working with other elders before us. Well this guys is pretty interesting. First off he really wants to get baptized and do what he needs to fallow Chirst. The problem is he is always drunk! Some times less then others and sometimes way more. We are trying to help him cut that habbit but that is really hard for him. Its interestin to talk to him because he weaves back and forth from spanish to english when he talks. Right now hes in prison for being drunk on the streets. Idk when they will release him but idk how we are going to help him.
And right now we are also working with a family of members, the dad isnt baptized but all family really wants him to be some we are going to work along side the family to help him obtain that desire to be baptized. He is a really cool guy and he goes to church about every week. Well i should have more new about them in my next letter so for now, Love you all!
ELder Evans

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