Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16 2012

Dear Familia,
Ok so this week starting off with PDay, we went to the Macro Plaza. Its a pretty cool place and its not all that far from my secter. All of the stores there feel like american stores that you would find at a mall. They even had a mens wearhouse or basically the same thing but called Mens Factory. We spent a good amount of time there just chilling there. After that we went to go play some soccer.
Later in the week, me and 3 other elders were invited to a carne asada from a family that i got to baptize. The elders that went were me, Rose, Rubio, Alfaro.  Elder Rose and i were put in charge of grilling the meat. Its was pretty fun. The food tasted great! There was lots of carne, tortialls, chicken, and basically what ever else you could think of to put in a taco. While we were there they got me to eat some dried up pepper that was used to make the salsa. They all though i couldnt handle it. To be honest, it wasnt that hot. None of the others would try it. 
On friday i went on exchanges with my Zone Leader, it was pretty fun. Their secter is a lot bigger in size then mine, but mine is more populated. So when i worked with him we ended up taking buses all over the place which was different becuase in mine i hardely ever need to take the bus. While i was away with the other Elder, my companion was working with another elder in my secter and ended up spraining his ankle. Its all fat and purple but he says it doesnt hurt very much. But because of that we were allowed to basically take a break on sunday for him to rest. 
This saturday the stake had a culture night thing, basically talent show. It was really cool. There was a lot of dancing. The church members here really like to dance and are all really good at it. So i basically watched a whole bunch of dances. It was really cool, there was one where the guys used Machetes (sword like blades). Each guy had 2 and they would clang them together behind their backs, under their legs, ect.. in a whole bunch of different ways and the clanging of machetes went really well with the music. I wish i could sent to video but it is too big. 
Ok so this past week we have worked a lot with the Tovar family. The dad is pretty well read in the Bible and is pretty interested in everything that we have had to say. The family went to church this pasted sunday and really liked it too. The only problem is that they are not married. And to be baptized they need to get married first. Oh and the Familia Magali is returning from vacaciĆ³nes this week. That is the family of all members but the dad and the dad told us before he left that yes he wants to be baptized. So hope all went well with him during his time away from here and i hope his desire to be baptized hasnt changed.
Well got to go! 
Love you all.
Elder Evans
Ps the computer here is programed in spanish and is telling me that every word i type is spelt wrong. :/ 



  1. Such a different life for him!! I look forward to this every week!!

  2. Such a different life for him!! I look forward to this every week!!