Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23 2012

Hello again!
Ok so both you and dad have asked aboout the Temple so that is what i will first talk about. The Temple will be started on Aug 18th and no it isnt in my secter of ward baundrys but it is in the Stake. And it is my friends area in Insergentes. I have actually been to where they are going to build it. All the wards in my Stake have been asked to help out, but with what i dont exactly know because they wont be working on the actual constructing of it. Maybe is to help with preparing the area or preparing the event that goes one for the laying of the first stone. The people here are really excited about it, and apperently it should be dont in about 1.5years from the starting. sooooo it should be finished really close to when i finish the mission. Before or after idk. But if i am here on the 18th i will be able to go. Only my Zone has been invited to go. But.....transfers happen the 13th. And la verdad, i am probably going this transfer. All is well thought becasue i will be happy either way because i will either get to see the starting of the temple or i will have the chance to get to know a new area.
I had actually heard about the shooting in Colo. during lunch with this sweet old lady. But thats really sad that that happened. I cant imagine why someone would do that or what it would be like to be there when it happened.
Ok so recent news... i got a new comp or i should say another companero. I am in a group of 3. The new companions name is Elder Hanson from Utah. The reason behind this is that Elder H and some other missionarys were serving in San Cantin and got sick, probably from chicken, and were moved from the area and placed with other missionaries in Tijuana. The doctors think that they have Typhoid. So yeah my companion has typhoid. He says at times he feels sick but for the most part he is still about to work the whole day so yeah. He is pretty cool, he was actually at BYUI at the same time i was and knows one of my friends from MN, Logan Ingalls.
Oh yeah and we are looking for a new house. The house we live in is slowely breaking.... We dont have hot water, we have a broken window and so there are always fly buzzing around, the toilet leaks so there is always a puddle of staking water in the bathroom, and we have a pidgen problem outside of our house. haha i am kind of used to it all and dont find cold showers all that bad anymore, after almost 4 months of cold shower you get a little used to it lol. But anyways we all completely happy to go house hunting. I have a good feeling we might be moving soon.
OH! and i can comfortable read my scriptures in spanish! there are still things i dont understand but yeah its a really good feeling, both because i love reading the scriptures and because i can do it in spanish!
Well hey i got to go!
Love you all!
Elder Evans

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