Monday, June 4, 2012

June 3 2012

Buenas Tardes

This is my reply to both the letters from you and dad :)

  So Elder Castro and i are getting along really well and we work together pretty well too. I am really glad for the transfer, nothing wrong with working with Elder Alvarez but i think Castro and  I are just a little more alike, and besides i really like changing things up everyonce and a while. Live is also a lot different now that we are living with another pair of elders, its really fun. Just going shopping for food and that kind of stuff is more fun with the 4 of us. The house is a bit more crowded but thats ok. Although i cant tell if having the 4 of us is better or worse for my learning spanish, yes i talk more with the 4 of them then i did with just alvarez but Elder Rose likes to speak english at times so i find i also speak more english in the appartment then i did with elder alvarez.
  So about the other aspects of my life here. I believe i am completely accustom to the food and the culture here. The food here is really good and i am actually working on trying not to eat too much. One thing about the culture i really like here is the Sobres. Basically is like a community garage sale were everyone just set up tables and stuff along the streets and sells stuff. U can pretty much find anything at the sobres for really cheap. And the stuff they sell isnt like garage sale quality, its like new stuff they got from the states. Its really cool. Next time i see one i will take pictures.
  Ok now more about missionary work. With the two new missionaries in my area we had to split it into 2 sectors. They got the part with all the referals, investigators, and cool members. Now i am not complaning, infact i was the one that gave them that section. But, because me sector really didnt have anyone that we were teaching other then Sergio (who is now baptized and still going to chuch), most of our day is spent trying to find people to teach and progress. It was a little dissappointing when sunday came around and all those people who we found and taugh and seemed interested skipped out on church. lol i remember reading something that riley once wrote about how in the mexican culture the people dont like saying no, so when you ask them if you can come by and a certain time the next day and they say yes and that they will be there, often times they arnt there. What happended yesterday was kinda similer. We called up this girl (about 25yrs old with a kid) to remind her of church that morning and she said yes was just waking up and that she was still planning on going. So we told her that we would be over in like 15 o 20 mins to go to church together and she said that was ok. When we showed up at her house 15 mins after having talked to here, the grandma told us that she had just left to some nearby city. Now idk if thats true or naught but we both just figured it was her way of saying i dont wanna go to church today but i dont want to tell you "no" haha.
  That was this sunday, so sunday was a little bummer but saturday was a good day. This lady that i helped teach with elder alvarez got baptized. Though it was technically Elders Rose and Ramirez baptizm, its still cool too know that i got to play a role in her conversion and i got to see the baptizm because she is still in my ward.
  Before i end i wanna say that i have really learned a lot in the role that Jesus Christ and his Atonement has in our lives. Ever day we make little mistakes that we dont give much thought to and sometimes we make really big mistakes that we feel guilty and horrible about, BUT there will never be a point in our life that we canted be cleansed from our sins and perfect once again.
Well I love you all
Bye. Elder Evans

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  1. I keep saying this, but I really look forward to these posts every week. EJ is doing a great job!!