Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20 2012

Ok so now i didnt get my package yet. I am hoping we have a zone conference soon because that is when i will get them. But i know that the packages are at the offices becasue one of the elders told me when they had to go to the office for something.
My new sector is pretty interesting. Los Pinos wasnt a huge area but it was wey concentrated with houses. Here it has a lot of houses but also more main roads and factories and stuff. Most of the people that we visit live on the other side of my sector (Nido or 10 de Mayo) and so we take a taxi that that part of the sector just about everyday. I was told here that you run through your qienceƱa (the money we recieve on the 1st and 15th of every month) really fast because of the transport fees. So i really have to manage my money well here. The ward is also a lot smaller here too. Idk if it is average or less then avarage but it doesnt help that i started in a ward that normally has 260 people attending every sunday. That is a ton here for one ward.
Yeah senior companion isnt too much of a change, only difference is that i have to report numbers every week to my leader and that during the day i have the last say in what we do but because i still dont know that area very well and the people here we both just work like there isnt a senor or not senor companion.
Elder Pena is pretty cool, I forget were he is from but yeah he understands a good amount of english and can speak a little less then he understands but we both just speak in spanish normally. Unless were are around others and dont want them listening in on us we can speak  n english haha.
Where i am, the missionarys got to go to one of the Church Buildings to watch the ground breaking of the temple. It was pretty cool.
So this week Elder Pena got to baptize this girl named Erica. Elder Pena and his last companero have been working with her for about 2 weeks and now i got to come here for those last lessions and the baptizm :) We have been really working hard with teaching as many people we can each day. There are a lot of investigators here. Oh yeah and there is one area that we spend most of our time in and all the roads are dirt and it rained a few days ago and all the streets were mud!
Ok well got to go.
Love you all!
Elder Evans

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