Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6 2012 (2 days shy of 6 months completed!)

Hello, dear everyone!
First off thank you all for the birthday wishes! And no, i have not recieved that package with my suit or that other package you sent, mom :(
So i have sent you a few pictures. Those first few, of the field, is were the Temple will be built. A lot of the Elders in Tijuana were ask to help out with cleaning the grounds before the start of the building of the temple. The whole feild was filled with thorning deserty bushes and stuff. We had to rake and then bag up everything. One of my fellow missionaries believes we could have cleaned the feild faster if we just use a tractor and i agree, it would be faster but i am just glad i got to be a part of helping out with the Temple.
The other photo is of today. We had a taco buffet come to the church to serve us and the other missionaries in the zone. We each had to chip in about 100 pesos but the tacos tasted really good. We also played a lot of soccer. Today is really pretty hot out so we are all like sweaty and tired now. Tijuana may get like perfect weather all year round but would i found out is that i am just bearly on the outskirts of tijuana so its a little hotter here then what the weather reports say for tijuana.
The language is getting a lot easier, i am able to understand a lot more then the beginning of this transfer. Speaking of transfers, transfers are this week on the 13th. I am probably going.
So this week we have been working with this lady named Rosio, she went to church this past sunday and shes planning on getting baptized this saturday. I am really excited about that. A few days ago we talked with her about the Plan of Salvation. She really liked hearing that God has a plan for us after we die. One of her dudas was that she doesnt want to believe that after death there is nothing. I guess i have always grown up hearing about Gods plan for us and the answeres to: Where did we come from? Why are we here? and What happens after this life? I cant really imagine would it would be like to not really have a clue.
This week i am probably going to make cake for my birthday/family home evening with a family of recent converts.
Well the next time i write i will probably not be in Los Pinos.
Love you all!
Elder Evans
The field clean-up for the Tijuana temple

This is where the Tijuana temple will be built!

EJ's MTC mission companion, Elder Bryce, EJ, EJ's first Mexican companion, Elder Alvarez, and EJ's MTC district leader, Elder Fjeldstrom

The taco buffet--who let the elders have big knives?
 [EJ's birthday is tomorrow. Everybody take a minute tomorrow to offer a "happy birthday to Elder Evans" prayer! I'm so glad he's spending his 20th birthday in the service of the Lord, and I'm glad to hear he'll get cake, even if he's the one who makes it]


  1. Happy happy birthday, Elder, dear.

    Feliz Compleanos.

    Zippity-ay and heigh-dee-ho!!

  2. Yes, happy (belated) birthday! I was wondering how we were going to wish you a happy birthday. Does EJ get to check this blog. If not, then I hope you pass on all the birthday wishes his way.